21 Arts and Letters students, faculty members participate in internationalization activities at universities in Japan

I n solidarity with the University’s internationalization thrust, 16 students and five faculty members from the Faculty of Arts and Letters, participated in Collaborative Thematic Seminars, Academic Lectures and Conferences, Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program, Industrial Plant and Cultural Visit, Academic meetings and Benchmarking Activities at Osaka
University, Hijiyama University in Hiroshima, the International Academic Forum at Kobe, the Mazda Industrial Plant, Hiroshima City Government, the Peace Memorial at Hiroshima and UNESCO heritage sites at Miyajima and Nara, Japan.

Students and faculty members attended the lectures given by two visiting Professors at Osaka University. Professor Ulrich Hilpert delivered a lecture titled: “Regional Innovation in a Globalized Environment: The Case of Germany in Comparison. While Professor Alain Marc Rieu delivered the lecture titled: “Regional Innovation: Bifurcation in Evolution.

The lectures were followed by an open forum where faculty and students clarified some issues related to the case of Japan and the Philippines in the area of innovation.

In the class of International Public Policy and International Relations Dr. Haruko Satoh, a professor of International Public Policy at Osaka University, UST Department of History Chair Dr. Augusto de Viana, delivered a lecture titled “S. Nakashima and the Story of the Leading Japanese Pharmacy in Manila.”

The orientation about Osaka University was given by its International Student Affairs Division Head Dr. Hiroko Tooyama, and Assoc. Prof. Kenichi Nishimura of the Center for International Education and Exchange. An academic meeting was also held between the UST faculty members and Osaka School of International Public Policy Associate Dean Prof. Akihisa Matsuno. Prof. Dr. Haruko Satoh and Assoc. Prof. Mitsuo Matsunomo are also from the same academic unit.

One of the highlights of the visit was the UST group’s participation in the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) held at the Kobe Arts and Center, Kobe Japan. The group attended the keynote and plenary lectures of renowned scholars and academics abroad. The keynote lecture titled: “East Meets West” was delivered.

by former Executive Vice President, Osaka University and a professor at the Osaka School Prof. Toshiya Hoshino, former Executive Vice President, Osaka University and a professor at the Osaka School of International Public Policy.

The respondents to the said keynote lecture were Professor Dr. Haruko Satoh of Osaka University and Professor Dr. Michael Anthony Vasco, Dean of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters.

A featured presentation on: “Methodologies for the Collection of Comparative Community Level Public Health Data: Obtaining Powerful
and Statistically Meaningful Findings for Small Populations” was given by Dr. James McNally, University of Michigan, followed by a Plenary
Panel Presentation titled: “East Meets WestHealthy, Active and Beautiful Aging in Asia by Professor Dr. Hiroshi Ishida, University of Tokyo and again by Dr. James McNally, University of Michigan. A featured presentation titled: “Establishing a Value Mindset” was delivered by Dr. Philip Sugai, Doshisa Business School, Japan.

Two Spotlight Presentations were delivered, first on the topic: “Can Data Science Do Without the Field Survey? Developing Innovative Statistical and Cartographic Methodologies Involving Small and Big Data Analyses in Social Sciences” by Dr. Maxime Jaffre’, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science
Sociales (EHESS), France, second on the topic: “Xinhua News Agency’s Coverage of the Kunming Railway Station Attack in the Context
of Reshaping China’s National Identity” by Dr. Guo-quiang Liu, Deakin University, Australia, Dean Vasco (extreme right) answers questions with Dr. Satoh and Dr. Hoshino of Osaka University at an International Academic Forum.

Dr. De Viana lectures at Osaka University on “S. Nakashima and the Story of the Leading Japanese Pharmacy in Manila.”
the group also attended the poster presentations
of the various academics and researchers
from various countries. There were about 200
international participants in the said IAFOR
Other plenary presenters include: Dr.
Jane Singer, Kyoto University, Japan with the
topic: “Applying a Rights-Based Approach in
Investigating Repatriation of Fukushima’s Nuclear
Refugees” and Dr. Kamilah Majed, Howard
University School of Social Work, U.S.A. with the
topic: “Using Mindfulness Practices to Improve
Mental Health and Address Unconscious Bias.”
Dr. Augusto de Viana, Dr. Cornelio Bascara
and Dean Prof. Dr. Michael Anthony Vasco also
participated in a round table discussion of the
International Academic Forum on their proposed
multi-disciplinary project: “The Silk Road
Research Project,” underscoring the significance
of the modern silk road and its impact to the global
economy, geopolitics, international relations, and
international public policy and trade relations
among countries.
The group visited the Osaka Castle and later
went to Nara the old capital of Japan and visited
a UNESCO World Heritage site the Todaiji Temple
the world’s largest wooden structure, and the
group went on a cultural visit of Miyajima Island,
Itsukushina Shrine near Hiroshima, another
UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its giant
Torii gate by the bay of the island and the various
temples including the Daisho-in temple.

The students participated in their Japanese Language and Culture Program held at Hijiyama University (HU). In between the said program,
Collaborative thematic seminars and academic lectures and plant visit were also attended by the group.

A joint seminar was held at Hijiyama University, where its president, Dr. Shinji Ishi, delivered a lecture on : “Peace Education in Japan” followed by UST Department of History Chair Dr. Augusto De Viana, who delivered
a lecture titled: “Ending Hatred and Start of Healing: President Elpidio Quirino’s Pardoning of Japanese War Criminals in the Philippines and its
Aftermath” and UST Department of English Chair Dr. Camilla Vizconde, who delivered a lecture titled: “Determining the Impact of the English Language programs to University Students in the Philippines.” Cultural programs were also held at Hijiyama University notably the Urasenke and Ueda Souke Tea Ceremonies.

An academic meeting was held between Hijiyama University President Dr. Shinji Ishi, HU Vice President for Research Dr. Takehiro Hayoshi, HU Professor Dr. Asai Yo, HU International Affairs Director Dr. Shigesako Kazumi, HU Faculty of Contemporary Culture Professor of Linguistics Dr. David Mosher, and the faculty members of the UST Arts and Letters. Discussions focused on the conduct of the future activities between Hijiyama University and UST

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