2017 degree graduates to receive A4-sized University diploma for employment purposes

Effective June 2017, the Office of the Registrar, in coordination with the Office of the Secretary-General, will start to issue a graduate’s diploma printed in 29.7 cm x 21 cm special paper, an A4 version of the standard issue of the University diploma.

This innovation was approved on December 2016 by then Secretary-General, Rev. Fr. Winston F. Cabading, O.P., in response to the need for an employment diploma that can be conveniently submitted by the graduates to their prospective employers.

The innovative security paper for the new diploma includes special engraving effect, microtext, birthmark, digital watermark, and pantograph. Hand in hand with a document web validation system that shall be maintained by the Office of the Registrar, employers can verify the authenticity of the employment diploma by logging on to http://www.mytrueseal.com/ust and by encoding the serial number printed on the transparent seal of the diploma. This note on online verification system is printed at the back of each diploma.

In anticipation of future requests on the provision of the previously issued wall diploma, the Office of the Registrar still keeps the old template. Hence, interested applicants now have two (2) options when they request for their respective diplomas – a wall diploma or an employment diploma.

Batch 2017 graduates will only receive the employment diploma from UST. Should they wish to apply for the wall diploma, they will have to do so separately. Conversely, those who received the wall diploma and want to receive the employment diploma will likewise have to request so.

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