13 Graduate students participate in 2018 Japan Academic Visit

T hirteen students from the various Social Science programs of the UST Graduate School together with Graduate School Dean Dr. Marilu R. Madrunio and Graduate School Faculty Secretary Dr. Alejandro S. Bernardo took part in the academic visit to Yokohama National University (YNU) and Ferris University, Yokohama. The visit ran from January 26 to February 3, 2018.

UST and YNU renewed the memorandum of agreement first signed 12 years ago, and Fourteen student delegates from the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters participated in the 15th d’CATCH Video Exchange Program hosted by the Faculty of Communication of the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand held from January 21 to 25, 2018. This is the first time that the Philippine delegation to the prestigious annual video exchange program
was exclusively composed of students under the Communication
Arts program. The students were accompanied by UST EdTech
Center Communication and Media Broadcast Unit Head Asst.
Prof. Faye Martel Abugan and Asst. Prof. Gwenetha Pusta, who
both teach at the Faculty of Arts and Letters.
The workshop, held at Chulalongkorn University, was
participated in by 68 student delegates and nine faculty members
from Thailand, Indonesia, China, Philippines and Japan. The
intercultural groups met for the first time and screened their
videos followed by discussions about each country’s video. The
next days were then spent on conceptualizing and producing a
collaborative video made up of each of the country’s video. The
event culminated with the Video Screening and symposium on
January 25, 2018.
(From left) Ms. Orranee Panoom, Mr. Nitipat Pirayanon, Asst. Prof. Sarayoot Mongkol, Ms. Atitiya
Raethai and Ms. Ansaya Rittirong at the Arch of the Centuries during the campus tour
(From left) Ms. Jocel M. Regino, Department Chair of Physical Therapy,
Assoc. Prof. Anne Marie C. Aseron, MSPT, Dean of the UST College of
Rehabilitation Sciences, Asst. Prof. Mongkol, and students from St. Louis
College, Bangkok.
Assoc. Prof. Valentin Dones III demonstrates
Biomechanical taping to the students from St. Louis
College, Bangkok, Thailand
UST student participans at the d’CATCH Video Exchange Program
CA students participate in d’CATCH
Video Exchange Program to page 14
collaborating with clinical staff,
interns, and UST students. Learning
activities took place in the different
CRS affiliation centers and in the
actual classes in the University.
One activity was a special
lecture facilitated by Assoc.
Prof. Valentin Dones III, where
he discussed and demonstrated
Biomechanical taping, an innovative
technique developed by experts
to promote pain relief and improve
movement. Other activities included
observing and practicing in UST’s
sports facilities, in Abucay, Bataan
which is a partner community of
CRS, and other affiliated clinics and
The Thai students’ participation
in the almost month-long learning
activities in UST was part of the SLCUST global internship experience in
line with the University’s thrust for
internationalization, which aims to
enrich partnerships that enhance
and develop student mobility,
research collaborations, and other
academic activities.
February 2018 • 13
UST delegates with faculty and students from YNU. Seated at the front row from left: Prof. Kotaro Yonemura, Prof.
Takaaki Kobayashi, Prof. Ichiro Araki, UST Graduate School Dean Dr. Marilu Madrunio, UST GS Faculty Secretary Dr.
Alejandro Bernardo, and Dr. Hiromi Kabashima
part of the revised agreement is the conduct
of academic visits, faculty and student
exchange, and research collaboration.
The students include: (Business
Administration) Richard Canapi, Baby Nina
Alfonso, Clarice Ann David, Kristine Palmero,
and Mary Abigail Alegre; (Psychology) Patricia
Mae Abinoja, and Kristianni Bance; (Human
Resource Management) Deverna Briones;
(Development Studies) Mary Jane Najarila;
(Public Administration) Marlon Mallari;
(Management Engineering) Ma. Cristina
Carmela Manocan, Joanne Managbanag,
and Edna Gomera.
At the joint session between YNU and
UST held on January 30, Prof. Berry Brian of
YNU delivered a lecture on the hafu (biracial
or ethnically half Japanese) in Japan, and
UST Graduate students Mary Jane Najarila,
Patricia Mae Abinoja, and Kristianni Bance
presented papers. The UST group was met
by YNU Department of Law Dean Prof.
Ichiro Araki.
The UST delegates visited Ferris
University on January 29, 2018 where
JASSO scholarship grants were awarded
to the 13 graduate students. Prof. Akio
Takayanagi of Ferris University also
delivered a lecture on civil society.
As part of the cultural exposure
aspect of the visit, the delegates visited the
Imperial Palace, the Tokyo Stock Exchange
and the National Diet. Prof. Hiromi
Kabashima of the YNU Graduate School
of International Sciences organized the
program of activities for the 2018 academic
visit. Delegates from Japan visited UST on
February 24, 2018.

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