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ABOGADO, Fr. Jannel, N., O.P., D.Th.Pat.Sc.

Academic Degrees

Doctorate in Theology and Patristic Sciences, 2013
Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Lateran University, Rome 

Licentiate in Sacred Theology and Master of Arts in Theology, 2006 
University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines 

Master of Arts in Philosophy, 35 units earned 
University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines 

Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy, 1999 
Philippine Dominican Center of Institutional Studies, Quezon City, Philippines 

Title of the Dissertation

Hilary of Poitiers on Conciliating the Homouseans and the Homoeouseans, A Historico-Theological Inquiry on the Fourth-century Trinitarian Controversy 

Area of Specialization

Dogma; Patristics 

Published Work

Published and edited Works: 

Books / Monographs: 

Abogado, Jannel, O.P., ed. Building the Church, the Dominican Way: Studies on Dominicans in the Philippines and their Ministries (Manila: University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 2019), i-291.

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. Hilary of Poiters on Conciliating the Homouseans and the Homoeouseans: An Inquiry on the Fourth Century Trinitarian Controversy. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang Academics International Publishers, 2016. 318 pp.  

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. Hilary of Poitiers on conciliating the homouseans and the homoeouseans, A historico-theological inquiry on the fourth-century trinitarian controversy, Excerpta ex dissertatione ad Doctoratum in Theologia et Scientiis Patristicis, Roma 2013, i-126. 


Journal Articles: 

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. and Joseph Nguyen Huu Thap, O.P. “The Significance of Homoousius in Athanasius of Alexandria,” Philippiniana Sacra, vol. LIV, no. 162 (May-August 2019): 255-278. 

Abogado, Jannel, O.P.  “The Anti-Arian Theology of the Council of Nicea of 325,” Angelicum, 94 (2017): 255-286. 

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. “Manuel Piñon, OP’s Retrieval of the Biblical Significance of the Doctrine of Predestination,” in Philippiniana Sacra, vol. LI, no. 153 (May-August 2016), 373-401.  

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. “Hilary of Poiters Makes East and West Meet: The Conciliatory Theology of De Synodis.” Philippiniana Sacra, vol. 50, no. 151 (September – December 2015): 437-472. 

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. “Persecution and Martyrdom in the Early Church. History, Motives and Theology.” Philippiniana Sacra, vol. 150 (May-August 2015): 207-246.  

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. “Natural Family Planning, Contraception, and Abortion: A Critical Consideration of the RH Law” in Philippiniana Sacra XLIX (Sept.-Dec. 2014), 303-328.  

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. “The Cult of Saints among Filipino Catholics: A Study of Inculturation”, in Philippiniana Sacra XLI (Sept.-Dec. 2006), 499-541. 

Abogado, Jannel, O.P. Kantian Morality as Respect”, in Philippiniana Sacra XLIV, no. 130 (Jan.-Apr. 2009), 61-80. 

 Abogado, Jannel, O.P. “Theological Constants in Tommaso d’Aquino’s Theology of Justice, in Philippiniana Sacra XLII/127 (Jan.-Apr. 2008), 33, co-authored with Ronald Cortel and Joel Sagut. 

Scientific, Ecclesial and Cultural Activities

  • Associate Professor, UST Faculty of Sacred Theology (since March 20, 2020) 
  • Director, Center for Religious Studies and Ethics, University of Santo Tomas (2013 to present) 
  • Director, UST Institute of Physical Education and Athletics 
  • Secretary, CBCP Office on Bioethics 
  • Regent, University of Santo Tomas High School (2014-Present) 
  • Pastoral Director, UST Central Seminary, (2014-Present) 
  • Former Spiritual Director, UST Central Seminary, (2006-2007)  
  • Former Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Bataan (2006) 
  • Peer Reviewer (Studia Elckie; 2013, nr. 4), Publishing House Adalbertinum, Elk, Poland.


Courses Taught: 

  • Pre-Nicene Theology
  • Post-Nicene Theology
  • Fourth-Century Trinitarian Controversy
  • Fifth to Seventh Century Christological Controversy
  • Introduction to St. Augustine, The De Trinitate of St. Augustine 

Research Field of Interest

Hilary of Poitiers, Augustine

Fourth Century Trinitarian Controversy

Fifth-Seventh Century Christological Controversy

History of Christian Thought, Ancient Church History

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