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You may contact our Relations Director at joshuajacob.andres.acct@ust.edu.ph for partnerships and our Accounts Director at ayramari.ganal.ab@ust.edu.ph for sponsorships.

You may also reach out to us through our contact form below or at cb.broadcast@ust.edu.ph


Asst. Prof Faye Martel Abugan

Assistant Director for Broadcast

Marie Abigail Posadas, MBA, RMP

Business Manager for Tiger Media Network

Georjane Felippe Calumba

Broadcast Traffic Assistant


Tiger TV

UST TigerTV is a collective unit of producers, writers, directors, and video editors responsible for the production process of UST TigerTV content. UST TigerTV is in charge of the television programs of TMN, which range from news, entertainment, religious, and sports shows, as well as handling the airing of special projects. These shows are produced by Thomasian students for Thomasian students and always aim to bring the most relevant and entertaining content to their audience.

Janis Santiago

Tiger TV Head

Jansen Magno

Programming Head

Gabriel Alvarez

Executive Associate to the TTV Head

Arwin Nathaniel Romano

Directors’ Pool Head

Kurt Loreto

Editors’ Pool Head

Vaeda Figuerres

Music Production Head

Helena Troy Nonato

Special Projects Head

Kyle Giron

Media Production Head

Sofia Rodelas

Sports Unit Head

Marymon Reyes

News Unit Head

Giella Mechtilde Diaz

Facebook Channel Head

Angel Salac

Instagram Channel Head

Gabriel Alvarez

Tiktok Channel Head


UST Tiger Radio

UST Tiger Radio is the home of the radio program producers, writers, jocks, and voice talents of the network. With the use of MIXLR, Tiger Radio has managed to operate for over a decade, serving the Thomasian community with dozens of Radio shows and programs that seek to entertain students from all courses. These shows are operated and handled by the Thomasian volunteers of TMN and always work hard to give the best content to its audience.

Aris Galang

Tiger Radio Head

Gladelyn Timbol

Tiger Radio Co-Head

Chiqui Cabrera

Programming Head

Feana Claudine Gutierrez

Traffic Manager

Gabbe Galang

Senior Announcer

Sheenah Jane Caluza

Podcast Director

Miguel Nicholas de los Reyes

Audio Production Head

Alodia Berzel Laguardia

News Director

Angela Bianca Domingo

Music Library Head


Technical Operations Division

The Technical Operations Division is the home of the technical directors, playback operators, audiomen, lights operators, and camera operators who are responsible for streamlining UST TigerTV’s contents to all of the network’s broadcast media platforms.

Gabriel Ivan Calub

Technical Operations Head

Jose Colin Galisanao

Technical Operations Head


Business Development Unit

The Business Development Unit of Tiger Media Network is in charge of the business side o the media organization. Business Development handles sponsorships under Accounts Management; external partnerships under Relations Management; audience engagement and awareness through Audience Marketing; and execution of projects visually through Creative Services.

Mikaela Chuidian

Business Development Head

Ayra Mari Ganal

Accounts Director

Angelica Cherie Mendoza

Marketing Director

Joshua Jacob Andres

Relations Director

Bea Go

Creative Services Director

Allieshaye Camacho

Marketing Co-Head for TR

Paolo Alejandrino

Marketing Co-Head for TTV


Online Media

The Online Media unit is responsible for formulating strategic plans in maintaining the strong social media presence of all of the network’s produced content across all of its media platforms. This unit also conducts timely research and analysis that will serve as the network’s basis for planning out activities to boost the social media engagements of each show.

Jasmin Beatriz Maat

Online Media Head

Kathleen Ann Vallo

Tiger TV Online Media Head

Jerome Racela

Tiger Radio Online Media Head


Human Resource and Management Division

The Human Resource and Management Division is at the forefront of maintaining the order of the network’s organizational and operational processes and also safeguards the rights and welfare of its volunteers. This unit consists of three primary committees that are working hand-in-hand in providing managerial assistance to the volunteers, as well as to the network’s stakeholders. These committees are: Volunteer Relations Committee; Research and Welfare Committee; and Training & Development Committee. Aside from these committees, the UST TigerTV Talents Pool is also under the supervision of this unit.

Irish Lorraine Perez

HR and Management Head

Luisabelle Macaria Mendiola

Volunteer Monitoring Head

Jan Sta. Ana

Volunteer Relations Director

Kristine Ann Cerbolles

Volunteer Relations Director

Marie Frances Pagaduan

Volunteer Relations Director

Naomi Marie Tolentino

Research and Welfare Specialist

Raven Kurt Raiza Arellano

Talents Development Head

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