Abstract Submission GUIDELINE

Invitation to Submit Abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations

Abstract submission deadline: August 31, 2023 (Thursday)

Notification of acceptance starting date: September 30, 2023 (Saturday)

  1. Abstracts may be submitted by e-mail to the Scientific Papers Committee at email 2ndICCERHC23SCIECOM@gmail.com.
  2. Abstracts must be received by the announced deadline. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered.
  3. Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract.
  4. A confirmation that your abstract has been received will be sent, indicating the abstract number which it has been allocated. Please refer to this abstract number in all correspondence regarding the abstract. 
  5. Please see/download abstract template for both oral and poster presentations.
  6. Abstract text should be limited to 250 words (Note: word count is affected when graphs/tables/images are added).

Please read the submission rules before submitting an abstract. 

  • Abstracts must be original and must not be or have been published, nor presented at any international meeting, prior to 2nd ICCERCHC 2023. If you submit a manuscript on your work before presentation at ICCERCHC 2023, you should agree with the journal editor that  the manuscript will not be released online prior to the date of presentation. 
  • The Committee will endeavor to schedule abstracts according to authors' preferences but reserves the right to decide on the final form of presentation.
  • The presenting author is expected to attend the Conference and present their abstract. Presenting authors of abstracts must be registered participants.
  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission to the Scientific Papers Committee. Results may be preliminary, and the final results can be updated in the presentation or poster. 
  • All abstracts must be submitted in MS WORD FORMAT and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication. All submitted abstracts will be forwarded to the Committee for review. Notifications regarding status will be sent  once the review process is complete.


Research Areas of Interest 

Pharmacy: Research Area Code 

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Products (PH-1) Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Toxicology (PH-2) Pharmacology and Toxicology (PH-3) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (PH-4) Nutraceuticals and Alternative Medicine (PH-5) Social Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice (PH-6) 



  • Biochemistry Education (BC-1) Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry (BC-2) Omics and Health (BC-3) Medical Biochemistry (BC-4) Nanomedicines (BC-5) Gene Biotechnology (BC-6) 


Medical Technology

  • Medical Technology Education (MT-1) Molecular Biology and Diagnostics (MT-2) Infectious Diseases (MT-3) Quality Assurance and Instrumentation (MT-4) Epidemiology and Public Health (MT-5)



ABSTRACT NO.______ Category (Please check):  Oral ____ Poster:____ 

Research Area Code: _______________ 



Author’s Name and Surname1, Author’s Name and Surname2 (10 font size) 

1Organization information that the author is committed to 


2Organization information that the author is committed to 


ABSTRACT (11 Font Size, bold, centered) 

Abstract should be written in 200 words and with 10 font size, Times New Roman, justified, single line spacing. 

Background of the study: 

Objective of the Study: 

Materials and Methods: 

Results and Discussion: 


Keywords: Should contain a maximum of 5 words that are written with 10 font size and separated with semicolon. 


Total no. of references must not exceed 15. Resources that have been presented inside [ ] in the text with numbers  should be listed according to their order in the text. References that have been presented in the references list  should be prepared in a format according to the reference type shown below: 

If the reference is an article; 

  1. Pommiera, S., Chenub, D., Quintardb, M. ve Lefebvre, X., (2007). Modelling of moisture-dependent aerobic  degradation of solid waste, Waste Management, 28, 7, 1188-1200 

If the reference is a book; 

  1. Li, G., Hart, A. ve Gregory, J., (1998). Flocculation and sedimentation, 295, Technomics Press, Lancaster PA. 

If the reference is a chapter of a book; 

  1. Blackburn, T., (1998). Flocculation and sedimentation in Li, G., Hart, A. ve Gregory, J., eds, Physical Processes, Technomics Press, 29-45, Lancaster PA.

The poster should be eye-catching, well-organized and easy to understand. It should present  only the main ideas. Keep to the point, and don't try to cover too many things. Present only  enough data to support your conclusions. The discussion should give the interpretation and  significance of the results. The following are the guidelines for doing the poster. 

  1. SIZE. The whole poster must be printed on a 30” (W) x 40” (H) (76 cm x 103 cm) poster photo paper only. The size of the margin on all sides is included in the size of the whole poster.
  2. TITLE AND AUTHOR. Use letters equivalent to about 2 cm (72 point) for the main title and less than 1 cm (40 point) for subtitles and author/s. The title and author/s should be the same as in the submitted abstract. 
  3. TEXT LETTERING. Use type letters that are at least 6 mm high (25 point). In typesetting the text, choose a simple typeface. Use upper and lower case standard letters. Text should be readable from two meters away. 
  4. ILLUSTRATIONS. Photographs and graphs should be 5” x 7” (12.5 cm x 18 cm) with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution and not cluttered with unnecessary detail. Diagrams and graphs should have no more than 6 lines in contrasting colors. Graphs are preferable to tables.
  5. SUBMISSION OF Abstracts and e-COPY OF ACCEPTED SCIENTIFIC POSTERS. Deadline for submission of scientific poster abstracts is on December 15, 2023. Notification of acceptance will start on January 15, 2023. 

Once accepted, a digital copy  of the scientific poster (PDF FORMAT) must be submitted through e-mail  address, 2ndICCERHC23SCIECOM@gmail.com and a recorded 3 minute Powerpoint presentation (.mp4 format) containing 3 slides that discusses the poster must be sent to the scientific committee.

6. POSTING OF SCIENTIFIC POSTERS. Depending on the schedule given by the programme committee.

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