Honorable Alexander G. Gesmundo

27th Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court


Professor Natalie Schilling
(United States of America)

Linguist, Georgetown University,
Washington D.C. USA

Dr. Jennifer Glougie

Vice President, IAFLL (2021-2023)

Chair, BC Labor Relations Board and BC Employment Standards Tribunal

Dr. Isabel Picornell
(United Kingdom)

President, IAFLL (2021-2023)

Director, Forensic Linguist QED Limited,
Channel Islands

Visiting Research Fellow, Aston
Institute for Forensic Linguistics,
Aston University

Professor Tim Grant
(United Kingdom)

Director, Aston Institute for Forensic
Linguistics, Aston University

Director, Research Impact for the School of Languages and Social Sciences

President, IAFLL (2015 – 2017)

Dr. Susanto Saman

Head, Centre for Studies in Linguistics, Bandar Lampung University

Senior Lecturer, Bandar Lampung University

Founder and President, Indonesian
Community for Forensic Linguistics

Dr. Richard Powell

Vice President, Japan Association
of Law and Language

Professor of English, Nihon University, Tokyo

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