Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO)

Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO)

Intellectual Property Policy


Intellectual Property Policy

Services Offered

The ITSO can conduct seminar-workshops on the basic intellectual property rights and hands-on training on patent searching.

  • Basic IP: This module discusses the different Intellectual Property Rights, their characteristics, and descriptions.  This enhances the capacity of researchers to identify potential IPs that can be generated, protected and registered.
  • Patent Searching: This module teaches how to use different search engines to look for prior arts in order to establish the novelty and patentability of an invention.  It also educates on how to use patent information in relation to research development as well as identifies potential companies who are active in a particular technology.

Seminars conducted by ITSO

2019-Nov-8: UST College of Commerce and Business Administration (Intellectual Property and Tech Triage)

2019-Sept-18: Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer)

2019-May-20 & 21: Mapua University (Patent Search Workshop)

2019-Feb. 15: UST Faculty of Engineering (Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer)

2019-Feb. 7: Entrepreneurship Educators Association of the Philippines – Cagayan de Oro City (Intellectual Property in Entrepreneurship)

2019-Feb. 2: UST College of Fine Arts and Design (Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer)

2016-Nov-29: Dumaguete City

2016-Oct-18: De La Salle University

The ITSO offers IP advises to the faculty, students, support staff, or any client, who have developed an innovation, formulated a product, or written a creative work on how to protect their intellectual property.

The ITSO can assist clients in filing the different kinds of IPs at the IPOPhl.

The ITSO can perform searches for a specific technology to establish its novelty and patentability.  It can likewise perform a state-of-art-search which looks into what patents already exist in a particular field of technology.  This prevents ‘re-inventing the wheel’ thus saves the time, effort and resources of a researcher.


Search Application (for UST clients)

Preliminary Search Report

Once novelty has been established by the patent search, the ITSO can assist in drafting the patent specifications of a given technology.


Invention Disclosure

ITSO Manager Michael Jorge N. Peralta speaks about intellectual property and its protection.


We bring ideas to life by being a gateway for research & development collaboration among stakeholders, protecting quality intellectual properties, and catalyzing their utilization for the good of the global community.

Administration and Staff

Engr. Celso Noel D. Aban, MEntrep

ITSO Technopreneur

ITSO Entrepreneur

Mrs. Eugenia R. Zhuo, MSc

Patent Searcher for Information Technology

Mr. Romano S.L. Macaisa, MFA

ITSO Patent Drafter

Background and History

The concept of Intellectual Property (IP) has already reached the consciousness of the University.  In 2009, the University has promulgated its IP Policy and has established an IP Unit under the Office of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs & Research (OVRAAR).  The task of the unit is to (1) assist faculty members, support staff and students register any IP that they have developed through the course of their employment or study; (2) inform faculty members, support staff, and students about IP through an on-going IP education program; and (3) be the forerunner in identifying possible IPs for possible commercialization and exploitation.  With the numerous researches produced by both faculty and students, there is a wealth of technology waiting to be registered and used for public consumption.  IP ensures that as the technologies are being used, the inventors and owners of it are given due recognition by the law.

On November 25, 2010, the University signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with IPOPhl to host a patent library called an Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO).  The IP Unit also functions as the ITSO.  Last March 22, 2012, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), headed by Director-General Dr. Francis Gurry, and Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPhil), headed by Director General Atty. Ricardo Blancaflor awarded the University the Official ITSO Glass Emblem, which signifies that the University is now an ITSO.

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