History academic staff showcase PH food culture during Thai university visit

A delegation of academic staff members from the Department of History made an academic visit to the Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) in Bangkok, Thailand from March 26 to 28, 2024.  The delegation consisted of eleven academic staff members headed by Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Archie B. Resos. The visit of the delegation was hosted by the History Department of SWU under Asst. Prof. Dr. Nathaporn Thaijongruk.  

Selected members of the UST delegation discussed various topics on the food culture of the Philippines. Resos discussed pinakbet as a favorite dish of three Philippine presidents; Assoc. Prof. Atutubo discussed the various kinds of spring rolls or lumpia;  Assoc. Prof. de Viana discussed the cooking of defeated fighting roosters as well as the Filipino culture involving cock fighting;  Asst. Prof. Gumera discussed the varieties of Pancit Malabon; Asst Prof. Lumawag discussed minanok and the cuisine of the Eastern Laguna Lake area; and Dr. Evardone discussed the various kinds and uses of bagoong.  

De Viana who is the program lead for history in the Graduate School conducted a lecture on the Spanish Colonization of the Philippines.  The lecture, requested by the SWU History Department, was attended by students and faculty from both graduate and undergraduate levels.  There was a lively discussion on various topics not limited to the Spanish era in the Philippines between the discussant and the students.  

Following his lecture Dr. de Viana gave copies of his book “New Ink in the Parchment: A Simple Guide for the Research and Writing of Philippine History” to the SWU library.  

During the visit, projects involving further exchange of professors and possible cross-enrolling of students were discussed as well as the proposal of collaborative research projects.   

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