College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (2006)

Degree Programs and Departments

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, major in Culinary Entrepreneurship (4 years)

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management,major in Culinary Entrepreneurship program aims to provide the students the opportunity to explore possibilities in becoming future hospitality entrepreneurs running and managing personal or family business thru innovative and creative culinary concepts, products and services. The curriculum provides the students tools and strategies which shall fuel the business endeavors in the culinary industry which include restaurants, cafes, hotels, school food service, catering services among others.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, major in Hospitality Leadership (4 years)

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, major in Hospitality Leadership program prepares the students for exciting management careers in various, dynamic industry segments such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, clubs, resorts, bed and breakfasts, inns, events, cruise and airline industry. The blend of core business, authentic leadership and ethical management courses offer the future hospitality professionals to become critical thinkers with practical experiences and passion for service.

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (4 years)

This program has been replaced by the BS in Hospitality Management (major in Culinary Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Leadership) program.

Center of Excellence

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

This program provides students with a synthesis of different skills, concepts, and principles specializing in hospitality training. It involves the study and application of practical and managerial knowledge and functions, such as hotel and restaurant operations, culinary arts, food service, hospitality education, and research that are essential in preparing the students to become adept future restaurateurs and hoteliers. Graduates from this program have career opportunities as Restaurant Operations manager, Executive Housekeeper, Front Office Staff, Front Office Manager, Management Trainee, Food and Beverage Director, Restaurant or Lodging Business Owner, Leisure and Recreation Consultant, Food Service Consultant, Academician, Food Stylist, Executive Chef, Independent Caterer, Cruise Line Staff, or Bartender.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, major in Recreation and Leisure Management (4 years)

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, major in Recreation and Leisure Management program provides an integrated the study of the management and operation of recreation and leisure attractions, facilities and services. It will also cover importance components with regard to the positive use of leisure time, while, traveling, engaging in recreation, recreational sport or entertainment. The program also emphasizes learning and leadership in the recreational environment, through which students will gain strong managerial preparation. The overall learning objective of this program is to prepare the students for professional positions in the fields of recreation and tourism by cultivating a broad understanding of leisure and recreation in our society while developing strong managerial skills.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, major in Travel Operations and Service Management (4 years)

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, major in Travel Operations and Service Management program covers the study of various components focusing on the management, operations and service delivery relevant to the travel and tourism industry. It encompasses technical, practical and professional learning and application of skills with respect to specific areas such as travel agency management, tour arranging and planning, travel industry operations and procedures, tourism marketing and promotion strategies, travel counseling, travel industry law, international and domestic operations, and travel and tourism policy.

Note: SHS graduates who do not come from ABM strand will need to take 15 units of Business Management Education (BME) courses.

Bachelor of Science in Travel Management (4 years)

This program has been replaced by the BS in Tourism Management (major in Recreation and Leisure Management and Travel Operation and Service Management), effective A.Y. 2018-2019.

Center of Excellence

Bachelor of Science in Travel Management

This covers the study of various components related to the travel and tour industry through technical, practical, and professional learning relevant to the different pillars of tourism, such as tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development, and other tourism services. Graduates from this program have career opportunities as Reservation Agents, Flight Attendants, Airline Food Service Crew, Ticket Agents, Training Staff, Baggage Handlers, Sales Representatives, Travel Agents, Travel Counselors, Tour Guides, Tour Escorts, Tour Coordinators, Researchers, Academicians, Travel Writers, Public Relations Officers, or Event Organizers.


Latest News and Events
May 23, 2019 HRM Seniors win in South Korean Food Competition
March 15, 2019 HRM students receive awards in 5th Jolly University Cook-Off
March 15, 2019 Tourism Management faculty members receive NCCA research grant to study Pancit heritage in Luzon
March 1, 2019 UST-CTHM reaps awards at National Tourism and Hospitality Student’s Skills Olympics
February 23, 2019 Travel Management students win in Domestikwhiz 2019
February 22, 2019 CTHM features international speakers in Gurus of the Day Program
February 2, 2019 Senior Travel Management students join Asia World Model United Nations Conference in Bangkok
January 26, 2019 Travel Management student crowned as Miss U-Belt 2019
December 2, 2017 UST reaps seven awards in PACUCOA assembly, Travel Management recognized for 1st Level IV program in the PHL
April 29, 2017 BS Travel Management program receives highest PACUCOA accreditation
April 27, 2017 UST spa, gym blessed and inaugurated
May 11, 2017 HRM students win plums in Hong Kong culinary contest
April 24, 2017 Cruz wins 2nd runner-up spot in Simbahayan Bartolome delas Casas poster-making contest
January 21, 2017 Dean Tio Cuison appointed Member of CHEd Technical Committee for HRM and Tourism
November 11, 2016 Fr. Dagohoy receives Fellow of the Int’l Centre of Excellence Award in Switzerland
July 29, 2016 CTHM admin, faculty, staff Certified Guest Service Professional titles
June 10, 2016 CTHM admin, faculty become Certified Hospitality Educators by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute
January 29, 2016 Simbahayan, CTHM co-host Pistang Tomas 2016
January 13, 2016 UST becomes first Philippine university to be a full member of EUHOFA International
December 31, 2015 HRM, Travel Mngt depts, programs declared Centers of Excellence
December 10, 2015 Eñano, BSHRM, wins international virtual business hotel competition
October 16, 2015 Liba of HRM awarded Best National Master Trainer
October 2, 2015 Sonza, Anatacio of HRM emerge as champions in culinary contest
September 5, 2015 BSTM students de Guzman, Santos win Phl Travel Mart contests
August 31, 2015 Siguenza, BSHRM, wins bronze medal in 2015 Philippine Culinary Cup

Our Identity


We envision a premiere College of Tourism and Hospitality Management in the country recognized for its outstanding programs, producing world-class professionals.


We commit ourselves in the formation of top-notch competent, committed, and compassionate Thomasian Tourism and Hospitality professionals for the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community.


A few years after graduation, the graduates of the College of Tourism and Hospitality of the University of Santo Tomas are expected to:

1. Employ a solid understanding and the need for continuous upgrading of the managerial and operational competencies of tourism and hospitality through reflective practice consistent with the global standards and Christian values;

2. Assess industry-academe trends and issues to generate research undertakings in tourism and hospitality through the basis of specific standards and criteria within personal, professional, societal, and ethical context;

3. Practice effective interpersonal and communication skills through collaboration, use of information technology and respect for cultural diversity; and

4. Exhibit Christian leadership promoting life advocacies through project implementation for social and economic transformation.

Patron Saint

St. Hyacinth

Saint Hyacinth

Feast Day: August 16

Saint Hyacinth was named as the “Apostle of Poland.” Those who are in danger of drowning prayed to him.

Born in Oppeln, Poland, in around 1185, Saint Hyacinth came from noble parents. His early education was entrusted to his uncle, Ivo Odrowaz, a priest who became Bishop of Krakow later on. Since he showed value and importance in learning, Saint Hyacinth was sent to the best universities in Europe to finish his studies.

In 1220, during his visit to Rome, he became one of the priests who pioneered the Dominican Order of Saint Dominic, with which he shared his devotion to the Virgin Mary.

One of the notable miracles associated to Saint Hyacinth was during the attack of the Mongols on Kiev, where he was tasked to establish the Dominican Order. While he and the other friars were fleeing from the onslaught, Hyacinth took the ciborium with the Blessed Sacrament from the altar and intended to runaway. Suddenly he heard a voice: ‘Hyacinth, you have taken my Son but you are leaving me?’ After this he took the statue of the Blessed Mother, which felt weightless under his arm, and safely left the city. He crossed the Dnieper River traveling to Halicz and returned to Krakow via Lvov.

Saint Hyacinth ran away with the large, stone statue of Mother Mary, along with the monstrance, that was heavier than he can lift, but it did not become an impediment to him.

Thus, he is attributed to a statue of Mother Mary and a ciborium.

Saint Hyacinth died in Krakow, Poland, on August 15, 1257, the day of Assumption of the Blessed Mother. He was canonized on April 17, 1594 by Pope Clement.





Administration, Officials, and Staff

Assoc. Prof. Gezzez Giezi G. Granado, DCL, Dean

Rev. fr. Roland D. Mactal, O.P., SThD, Regent

Assoc. Prof. Evangeline E. Timbang, MBA, CHE, CGSP, Assistant Dean

Ms. Maria Margarita P. Cruz, MBA, College Secretary


Asst. Prof. Nathaniel Siao, MBA, Chair


Asst. Prof. Jane G. Devanadera, MSMT, CHE, CGSP, Chair

College Council

Assoc. Prof. Gezzez Geizi G. Granado, DCL, Chair

Rev. fr. Roland D. Mactal, O.P., SThD, Member (Ex-Officio)

Assoc. Prof. Evangeline E. Timbang, MBA, CHE, CGSP, Member (Ex-Officio)

Asst. Prof. Jane Devanadera, MSTM, CHE, CGSP, Member

Asst. Prof. Christine C. Fajardo, MBA, Member

Asst. Prof. Nathaniel Siao, MBA, Member

Ms. Maria Margarita Cruz, MBA, Ex-Officio Secretary



Mr. Avi Ben P. Andalecio

e-LEARNING SPECIALIST (Educational Technology)

Mr. Dennis D. Lemsic


Asst. Prof. Remedios P. Abuton



Ms. Maria Theresa Resurreccion


Asst. Prof. Maria Concepcion A. Ang


Asst. Prof. Christine Concepcion C. Fajardo, MS

Support Staff

Office Clerks

ABANADOR, Ma. Theresa H.
ANIVES, Cyrene R. (CGSP)
LUCINA, Ruby Ann I. (CGSP)


Laboratory Technicians

CONDOL, Marvincent G.

Equipment Room / Computer Technician

BANAAG, Mario B.

Food Laboratory

DELA CRUZ, Mark Jacob I.

Food Laboratory

LABAY, Rosario C.

Food Laboratory


Cafeteria / Coffee Shop Attendants


Latin Quarter / Readers’ Café Coffee Shops


MAGPILI, Gerlie G.

Latin Quarter / Readers’ Café Coffee Shops

VALDEZ, Rhayan Q.

Latin Quarter / Readers’ Café Coffee Shops

ARCEGA, Consuelo M.





Residence Attendant


VICENTE, Jeferson E.

Domus Mariae International Residence and Hotel 1611

Contact Information

Office Address

Administration Office
Ground Floor, Albertus Magnus Building,
University of Santo Tomas,
España Boulevard, Sampaloc,
Manila 1008, Philippines

Telephone Numbers

Telephone: +63-2-3406-1611 loc. 8606

Telefax: +63-2-8732-0188


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The idea of forming an Institution was conceived by the Tourism and HRM Departments during late 1990’s with the strong support and unwavering efforts of the College of Education. The need for establishing an Institute was realized by two departments because of the fast-paced changes and growth of the industry that greatly influenced the tourism and hospitality education. Likewise, by merging the two programs, student would be able to specialize and dedicate themselves in enhancing their knowledge and skills that would respond to the needs of the industry. Series of departmental meetings and brainstorming were conducted with the vision of forming a new academic unit in the University. The idea was presented to the Tourism and HRM Faculty until such time that the College of Education decided to merge the programs by having one Department In its initial stage, the Tourism and HRM Departments were temporarily relocated at the College of Education’s Mini-hotel in the year 2002. This was considered as the dry run to assess the viability of separating the departments from College of Education. Three years later, a formal proposal for institutionalization was submitted to the Academic Council. A thorough procedure that included meetings, deliberation and election were carried out. April 28, 2006 marked the establishment of the Tourism and HRM Departments as an Institution. Upon the approval of the College of Regents dated November 19, 2008; by the Academic Senate dated December 16, 2008; and the Board of Trustees dated January 20, 2009, the institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management was finally converted in to the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

In 2015, both programs of the CTHM (Hotel and Restaurant Management and Travel Management) received the coveted Center of Excellence distinction from the Commission on Higher Education.



Assoc. Prof. Gezzez Giezi G. Granado, DCL

2009-2019 (as Dean)

2006-2008 (as Director)

Asst. Prof. Ma. Cecilia A. Tio Cuison, MEd



Fr. Roland D. Mactal, O.P., SThD


Fr. Maximo P. Gatela, O.P.


Fr. Romulo V. Rodriguez, O.P., JCD