TAN, Mario A.

Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Chiba University – Japan, 2010
  • Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2004
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2000

Research Highlights

  • Drug Development from Natural Products: Organic chemistry-oriented research on natural products (isolation of lead/bioactive molecules à synthetic or semi-synthetic studies à biological evaluation)

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - TAN Mario A (2016, Research Highlight)

Research Interests

  • Isolation and identification of secondary metabolites from endemic Rubiaceae plants, indigenous Pandanus species, and endophytic fungi
  • Chemotaxomic significance of the isolated natural products
  • Pharmacological activities (anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory) of the isolated natural products
  • Total synthesis and chemical modifications of bioactive natural products

Major Recognitions

  • Novartis Next Generation Scientist Program 2016
  • Talent Search for Young Scientists, 2012 (NAST Philippines)

Professional Activities

  • Chairperson, University of Santo Tomas Department of Chemistry
  • Reviewer, Biochemical Systematic and Ecology (Elsevier); Pharmaceutical Biology (Taylor and Francis); Natural Product Research (Taylor and Francis); Journal of Yeast and Fungal Research (Academic Journals); Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (American Chemical Society)
  • Evaluator, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development
  • Secretary, Natural Products Society of the Philippines (2011-2013)

Selected Publications

  • M.A. Tan, R.P. Callanta, C.S. Apurillo, T.E. dela Cruz, G.J.D. Alejandro, M.C. Ysrael. 2014. “Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial constituents form the leaves of Villaria odorata”, Acta Manilana 62: 47-52.
  • M.A. Tan, R.U. Villacorta, G.J.D. Alejandro, H. Takayama. 2014. “Iridoids and a norsesquiterpenoid from the leaves of Villaria odorata”, Natural Product Communications 9(9): 1229-1230.
  • M.A. Tan, J.A. Eusebio, G.J.D. Alejandro. 2012. “Chemotaxonomic implications of the absence of alkaloids in Psychotria gitingensis”. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 45: 20-22.
  • M.A. Tan, M.G. Nonato, N. Kogure, M. Kitajima, H. Takayama. 2012. “Secondary metabolites from Pandanus simplex”. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 40: 4-5.
  • M.A. Tan, M. Kitajima, N. Kogure, M.G. Nonato, H. Takayama. 2010. “Isolation of pandamarilactonine-H from the roots of Pandanus amaryllifolius and synthesis of epi-pandamarilactonine-H”, Journal of Natural Products 73: 1453-1455.