MABINI, Marilyn C.

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Prof. Marilyn C. Mabini, PhD |

Academic Qualifications

  • ASEAN Engineer
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Belgium, 1991
  • Master of Science in Industrial Management, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Belgium, 1988
  • Master of Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City, 1983
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 1978

Research Highlights

  • EOQ type formulations for controlling repairable inventories with deterministic demand and a fixed scrapping rate
  • Mathematical model for determining optimal stock levels of multiple aircraft parts which are repairable: The model considers two levels of indenture and allows replacement of non-repairable items with new purchases.
  • Mixed-integer nonlinear goal programming model for the faculty staffing problem covering selected departments of an academic institution: The model promises to be a useful decision support tool for academic administrators in their task of meeting higher education quality requirements, while satisfying institution-based concerns.
  • 0-1 integer linear programming models for solving the academic timetabling problem in two stages: The first stage seeks to find the best faculty assignment to courses and sections where these courses are offered. The second stage finds an appropriate weekly schedule for the faculty-course-section assignment obtained in the first stage.

Research Interests

Operations Research Applications in

  • Repairable item inventory management
  • Academic planning

Professional Activities

  • Member and Examiner, Industrial Engineering Certification Board
  • Associate Editor, The Philippine Engineering Education (official news magazine of The Philippine Association of Engineering Schools (PAES), Inc.)

Selected Publications

  • Mabini, M.C. Solving the faculty staffing problem by goal programming. 2013 Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering & Management Systems (APIEMS) Conference (refereed conference proceedings).
  • Mabini, M.C. Determining optimal inventory levels of multiple repairable items. Acta Manilana 2012; 60: 27-34.
  • Mabini, M.C. and Christer, A.H. Controlling Multi-Indenture Repairable Inventories of Multiple Aircraft Parts. Journal of the Operational Research Society 2002; 53(12): 1297-1307.