Acta Manilana

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Volume 63 – 2015

Acta Manilana… Through the Years (.pdf)

Fortunato B. Sevilla III


Synthesis and characterization of graphene-supported Pd/Ni/Sn electrocatalyst for direct ethanol fuel cellS (.pdf)

Jan Rotsen Kyle A. Delos Santos, Arvee M. De Jesus, Joshua L. Tan, Bernard John V. Tongol


Geographic origin differentiation of Philippine civet coffee using an electronic nose (.pdf)

Emelda Ongo, Matteo Falasconi, Fortunato B. Sevilla III, Giuseppe Montevechhi, Veronica Sherveglieri, Isabella Concina, Giorgio Sherveglieri


Coconut sap sugar and syrup: a promising functional food / ingredient (.pdf)

Trinidad P. Trinidad, Aida C. Mallillin, Ennata M. Avena, Regina G. Rodriguez, Melissa S. Borlagdan, Kristine Bernadette B. Cid, Kristine T. Biona


Molecular identification of cholesterol-lowering lactic acid bacteria isolated from cocowater kefir (.pdf)

Ruel Valerio de Grano, Emma Teresa Carmela Aportadera, Mark Kevin Devanadera, Myla R. Santiago, Leslie Michelle Dalmacio


Antibacterial activity of synthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles against urinary tract infectious pathogens (.pdf)

Queency H. Alcantara, Gina R. Dedeles, Christina A. Binag


Phytoplankton community structure of Lake Paoay and Lake Mohicap with notes on the first record of Ceratium (Dinophyta) in Lake Paoay (.pdf)

Kelsey Anne P. Sambitan, Rey Donne S. Papa, Susana F. Baldia


Effects of the green alga, Bornetella oligospora (Solms- Laubach), metabolite fractions on the cleavage and free- swimming hatching stages of sea urchin embryos (.pdf)

Kin Israel R. Notarte, Nadia P. Abesamis, Gary M. Wessel, Frederick J. Vande Vusse


Time series analysis of dengue cases in Central Luzon: comparison of stochastic models using climate variables as predictors (.pdf)

Angel R. Ang, Kevin Q. Nabong, Mary C. Martin


Solving the class timetabling problem by 0–1 integer programming (.pdf)

Marilyn C. Mabini


From biotechnology to nanotechnology: Philippine context (.pdf)

Marciana Agnes G. Ponsaran


A microscale enzyme experiment based on bacterial gelatinase (.pdf)

Cristina G. Silvestre & Maria Cristina R. Ramos

Past Issues

Volume 62 - 2014

Volume 62 – 2014

Specific IgE against the house dust mite Suidasia pontifica as a risk factor for asthma and allergies in the tropics (.pdf)

Jennifer Maries G. Yap, Maricar W. Ching, Rogelio S. Cruz, John Donnie A. Ramos

Occurrence and diversity of myxomycetes (slime molds) in Polillo Island, Quezon Province, Philippines (.pdf)

Alexandra T. Viray, Doxa Dave S. Rotap, Louise L. Migraso, Nicole Cezra I. Sibbaluca, Emilio Christian V. Escobar, Anthony T. Buaya, Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz


First record of the invasive Arctodiaptomus dorsalis (Marsh, 1907) (Copepoda:Calanoida:Diaptomidae) in Lake Lanao (Mindanao Island, Philippines) (.pdf)

Ephrime B. Metillo, Alyza M. Masorong, Sittie Aisah N. Macabangkit, Jill Rosette U. Licayan, Dino T. Tordesillas, & Rey Donne S. Papa


Enhancement of some culture conditions for optimizing growth and lipid production in the diatom Nitzschia palea (.pdf)

Lawrence Victor D. Vitug & Susana F. Baldia


The first report of a Salmonella enterica serovar Havana phage and its lytic activity at storage temperature
of processed chicken (.pdf)

Ramon Arvin Noriel B. Santos, Mary Anne Claudine S.P. Avena, Rose Elaine J. Gumafelix, Gillian Anthony A. Mamuric, Anna Kristina D. Pastoral, Donna May D. Papa


Nutritional composition analysis of Ficus odorata (Blanco) Merr.: a road to its prebiotic potential (.pdf)

Librado A. Santiago, Anna Beatriz Mayor


Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial constituents from the leaves of Villaria odorata (.pdf)

Mario A. Tan, Regina Belen P. Callanta, Carlo Chris S. Apurillo, Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Mafel C. Ysrael


Fabrication of carbon black- and graphene-supported PtSn electrocatalyst for glucose oxidation: electrochemical and surface studies (.pdf)

Mark Kenneth C. Gonzales, Hao Yuhn C. Hsu, Harris M. Fulo, Bernard John V. Tongol


Molecularly imprinted potentiometric sensor for surfactant based on electrosynthesized polyaniline (.pdf)

Francis G. Biñas, Fortunato Sevilla III

Volume 61 - 2013
Volume 60 - 2012

Volume 60 – 2012

History of the UST Research Center (.pdf)


The UST Research Center…50 Years Later (.pdf)

Fortunato B. Sevilla III


On sufficient condition for the existence of imaginary roots of a cubic polynomial equation (.pdf)

Enrico M. Yambao and Ma. Carlota B. Decena


Forecasting dengue incidence in the National Capital Region, Philippines: Using time series analysis with climate variables as predictors (.pdf)

Arjelou C. dela Cruz, Jonathan A. Lubrica, Bill Vincent D.C. Punzalan, Mary C. Martin


Determining optimal inventory levels of multiple repairable items (.pdf)

Marilyn C. Mabini


Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of poly(3,4-ethylenegioxythiopene)-supported Pd-Sn nanoparticles dispersed on Au electrode for formic acid oxidation (.pdf)

Mark Kristian E. Cabello, Hao Yhun C. Hsu, Jonyl L. Garcia, and Bernard John V. Tongol


Chemiresistor electric nose based on graphite composite for the detection of volatile organic compounds (.pdf)

Klaud Jenssen F. Haygood, Aquinas Hyacinth G. Toledo, Rey Alfred G. Rañola, Karen S. Santiago, and Fortunato B. Sevilla III


Antimicrobial activity of the crude ethanol extract of the seeds of Ipomoea muricata (Jacq.) Convolvulaceae against selected clinical isolates(.pdf)

Carmelita C. Cardona and Mafel C. Ysrael


Occurrence and diversity of myxomycetes (plasmodial slime molds) in Mt. Palay-palay National Park, Cavite, Philippines (.pdf)

Israel Rhey Corpuz, Czarina Cherizze Martinez, Kimberly Anne Petilla, Jaela Nicole Baranda, Anthony Buaya, Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz


Zooplankton spatial abundance and distribution in the West Bay of Laguna de Bay (Philippines) with notes on potential implications to food and health security (.pdf)

Rey Donne S. Papa, Dino T. Tordesillas, Lawrence D. Vitug, Jonathan Carlo A. Briones, Macrina T. Zafaralla, and Ryohei Kada


Comparative treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa burn wound infection using bacteriophage MB08 and antibiotics (.pdf)

Justin Paolo B. Abengaña, Irni Mark C. Gemzon, Jonathan Mark S. Leung, John Carlo A. Mamauag, Jose C. Nolasco, Jr., Ma. Sheila M. de Jesus, and Donna May D.C. Papa

Volume 59 - 2011

Volume 59 – 2011

Development of fuel cell electrocatalysts based on poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT)-modified Pt/metallic particles composite film: electrochemical and surface studies (.pdf)

Lei Angeli S. Morenos, Jonyl L. Garcia, Lorico D.S. Lapitan, Jr., Harris M. Fulo, and Bernard John V. Tongol


Chemiresistor sensor for TMA based on PEDOT:PSS for the assessment of fish freshness (.pdf)

Theresa M. Palaroan, Karen S. Santiago, and Fortunato B. Sevilla III


Improvement of textual properties of yogurt made from reduced-fat carabao milk by whey protein content adjustment and heat treatment of milk (.pdf)

Janice C. Mariano, John Hennessy M. Merced, Abbie June F. Miranda, and Philipina A. Marcelo


DNA-based authentication of Ipomoea muricata [L.] Jacq. seed using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) marker (.pdf)

April T. Apolonio, Delbert Almerick T. Boncan, Basil Justin G. Bote, Jamie R. Corpuz, Geraldine N. Dimapilis, and Angelita S. Sarile


Comparative molecular analyses of Antherostele banahaensis (Elmer) Bremek and A. callophylla Bremek (Rubiaceae), with implications on their phylogenetic position and biochemical properties (.pdf)

Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Fritz Lorenz E. Ortega, Keren P. Guiab, Dean Xyrus V. Seares, Karl J. Huenefeld, Cecilia I. Banag, Jasper John A. Obico, and Maria Cristina R. Ramos


Polyphyly of Bikkia Reinw. (Rubiaceae) based on multi-locus sequence analysis (ITS, rps16, trnL-F), with emphasis on the endemic Bikkia philippinensis Val. including its conservation status (.pdf)

Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Ian Kevin C. Balete, Julian Fabian C. Caagbay, Jana May Marie B. Cruz, Christine Joy C. Narciso, Dominic E. Nazareno, Cecilia I. Banag, Millard M. Uy


Comparative analysis of growth and lipid production in two microalgal species, Botyrococcus braunil and Fragilaria brevistriata by nitrogen limitation experiment (.pdf)

Susana F. Baldia, Marianne Kristine Arguel, Diane Sia, Celina Rebecca Tuazon, Alyssa Aya Yap, Rochelle Jane Ong, and Katrina Mariz Rodis

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