Dr. Carmelo Callueng, an Assistant Professor at Rowan University in New Jersey, USA, where he teaches graduate courses in assessment and research in the School Psychology Program, facilitated the workshop on mental health organized for students in their fourth year under the Psychology program of the College of Science. This half-day seminar-workshop held on August 27, 2019, at the SOLE Room of the College of Science, aimed at exposing the participants on the use of Multi-Tiered Model in dealing with children and the youth on their mental health condition.

Callueng’s interest is in promoting the mental health well-being of students. This served as the groundwork for his seminar-workshop where he discussed the comprehensive and coordinated model involving three interrelated settings such as the hospital based behavioral clinic, private facility, and public school.

Callueng earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in School Psychology at the University of Florida. He co-authored several publications. Likewise, he was a recipient of scholarship and research awards granted by international associations. He also holds positions in a number of professional organizations in Psychology.