MACABEO, Allan Patrick G.

Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Natural Sciences, Universitätof Regensburg – Germany, 2011
  • Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2003
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 1999

Research Highlights

  • Discovery of secondary metabolites from Apocynaceae, Annonaceae and Rutaceae species with anti-infective, cytotoxic, anti-tyrosinase and anti-cholinesterase activities.
  • Identification of novel ergochormic derivatives from endophytic fungi
  • Library synthesis of 2-cyclopentenones with cytotoxic, anti-infective and anti-cyclooxygenase activity
  • Application of furan-derived cyclopropanes as important intermediates to construct complex g-butyrolactone natural products

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - MACABEO Allan Patrick G (2016, Research Highlights)

Research Interests

  • Isolation and synthesis of complex natural products
  • Furans and cyclopropanes in organic synthesis
  • Diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS)
  • Asymmetric organocatalysis and sp3 C-H activation

Major Recognitions

  • Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Fellow
  • Outstanding Young Scientist of the Philippines (Organic Chemistry), 2015 (NAST Philippines)
  • The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Award for Young Scientists (Organic Chemistry), 2015 (NAST Philippines)
  • ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA), First Runner-Up, 2014 (ASEAN)
  • Merck Young Scientist Award in the Health Sciences, 2013 (Merck Inc.)
  • NAST Talent Search for Young Scientists, 2013 (NAST Philippines)

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor – National Research Council of the Philippines Research Journal (NRCP)
  • Editorial Board Member – Pharmacognosy Magazine (MedKnow Pub), Pharmacognosy Reviews (MedKnow Pub), Pharmacognosy Research (MedKnow Pub), Philippine Journal of Health Research and Development (PJHRD) (UP Manila)
  • Reviewer — Journal of Natural Products (American Chemical Society); Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (American Chemical Society); Journal of Ethnopharmacology (Elsevier); Studies in Natural Products Chemistry (Elsevier); Current Organic Chemistry (Bentham Science); Letters in Drug Discovery and Design Chemistry (Bentham Science); Spectroscopy Letters (Taylor and Francis); Records of Natural Products (ACG)

Selected Publications

  • MGM Galang, APG Macabeo, WC Chang, M Isobe, AMA Aguinaldo. 2016. “Glycosides from the Unripe Fruit Juice of Carica papaya Linn. (Caricaceae) Variety “Red Lady” with Antioxidant Activity.” Journal of Functional Foods (accepted, in press).
  • APG Macabeo, PYM Rubio, M Knorn, GJD Alejandro. 2015. “An a-glucosidase inhibitor from the Philippine endemic Annonaceae plant, Drephananthus philippinensis.” Proceedia Chemistry, 14: 36-39.
  • APG Macabeo, FPA Martinez, T Kurtán, L Tóth, A Mándi, S Schmidt, J Heilmann, GJD Alejandro, DG Nagle, HM Dahse, SG Franzblau. 2014. Tetrahydroxanthene-1,3(2H)-dione derivatives from Uvaria valderramensis.” Journal of Natural Products 77(12): 2711-2715.
  • APG Macabeo. 2014. Psychopharmacological indole alkaloids from terrestrial plants (Chapter 3). In Kratom (Biak-Biak) and Related Compounds: the Chemistry and Pharmacology of Opioids from a Non-Opium Source. R. B. Raffa Ed. London: CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group. pp. 23-38.
  • S Lirio, APG Macabeo, M Knorn, P Kohls, Y Wang, SG Franzblau, AMA Aguinaldo. 2014. “Antitubercular constituents from Premna odorata Blanco.” Journal of Ethnopharmacology 154: 471-474.
  • APG Macabeo, ADC Lopez, S Schmidt, J Heilmann, HM Dahse, SG Franzblau, GJD Alejandro. 2014. “Antitubercular and cytotoxic constituents from Goniothalamus sibuyanensis.” Records of Natural Products 8(1): 41-45.