ABOGADO, fr. Jannel N., O.P.

Rev. Fr. Jannel N. Abogado, O.P., DTPS

Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor in Theology and Patristic Sciences, Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Lateran University – Rome, Italy, 2013
  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2006
  • Licentiate in Sacred Theology, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2006
  • Bachelor of Sacred Theology, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2003
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Philippine Dominican Center for Institutional Studies – Quezon City, Philippines, 1999

Research Interests

  • Hilary of Poitiers
  • Augustine
  • Fourth Century Trinitarian Controversy
  • History of Christian Thought

Professional Activities

  • Professor of Patrology and Dogma, Faculty of Sacred Theology, UST
  • Member, Permanent Commission for the Promotion of Studies, Order of Preachers (2017-2023)
  • Coordinator of Regents for the Asia-Pacific Region, Order of Preachers (2017-2023)
  • Regent of Studies, Dominican Province of the Philippines (2016-2020)
  • Director, University of Santo Tomas – Institute of Physical Education and Athletics
  • Chair, Commission on Intellectual Life, Dominican Province of the Philippines (2016-2020)
  • Moderator, Dominican Center for Institutional Studies, Dominican Province of the Philippines (2016-2018)
  • Member, Committee on Affiliation and Incorporation (June 2015 – November 2018)
  • Member, Faculty Council, Faculty of Sacred Theology, UST (June 2014 – present)
  • Director, Center for Religious Studies and Ethics, UST
  • Regent, UST Junior High School
  • Executive Secretary, Episcopal Office on Bioethics, Catholic Conference Bishops of Philippines (October 13, 2014-present)

Selected Publications

  1. Abogado, Jannel, OP. Hilary of Poiters on Conciliating the Homouseans and the Homoeouseans. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016.

  2. “The Anti-Arian Theology of the Council of Nicea of 325” in Angelicum, forthcoming.

  3. “Manuel Piñon, OP’s Retrieval of the Biblical Significance of the Doctrine of Predestination” in Philippiniana Sacra XLXIV (May-Aug. 2016), 373-401.
  4. “Hilary of Poitiers making East and West Meet: The Conciliatory Theology of De Synodis,” in Philippiniana Sacra XLXII (Sept.-Oct. 2015), 437-472.
  5. “Persecution and Martyrdom in the Early Church. History, Motives and Theology,” in Philippiniana Sacra XLXI (May-Aug. 2015), 207-246.
  6. “Natural Family Planning, Contraception, and Abortion: A Critical Consideration of the RH Law,” in Philippiniana Sacra XLIX (Sept.-Dec. 2014), 303-328.
  7. Kantian Morality as Respect,” in Philippiniana Sacra XLIV (Jan.-Apr. 2009), 61-80.
  8. Theological Constants in Tommaso d’Aquino’s Theology of Justice,” co-authored with Ronald Cortel and Joel Sagut, in Philippiniana Sacra XLII (Jan.-Apr. 2008), 33-55.
  9. The Cult of Saints among Filipino Catholics: A Study of Inculturation,” in Philippiniana Sacra XLI (Sept.-Dec. 2006), 499-541.
  10. “The Development of the Practice and the Doctrine of the Cult of Saints in the Catholic Tradition” in Colloquia Manilana (2006), 66-111.