The Anargyroi: Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (FMS) Foundation, Inc. and the UST FMS Development Office were successfully launched last July 3, 2017, during the 25th Annual UST Medical Alumni Association in America (USTMAAA) Convention held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. UST Rector Very Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P.., PhD, FMS Regent Rev. Fr. Angel A. Aparicio, O.P., and FMS Dean Asst. Prof. Ma. Lourdes D. Maglinao, M.D., served as the hosts.

The Foundation is an independent organization that manages donations and exclusively supports the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery to sustain and aid the initiatives influencing administration, faculty members, students, support staff, and patients. Its Board of Trustees is composed of representatives from UST FMS Administration, UST Hospital, Alumni Association, and the Blink Group. The Foundation works hand-in-hand with the Development Office, which serves as its implementing arm.

Befitting its purpose, the Regent’s Scholarship Project was unveiled during the Anargyroi’s inauguration as its first project. Commencing this coming Academic Year 2017-2018, and every year thereafter, 5 Full Scholars will be chosen to study in the FMS. In addition to the candidate’s academic achievement, they must come from the more financially challenged families as well as from less represented regions in the FMS. One candidate from Luzon, 2 from the Visayas, and 2 from Mindanao will be chosen. They will be provided scholarships for tuition and miscellaneous fees, books, and board and lodging.

The Meet and Greet Reception was a product of careful planning with combined and coordinated efforts by the US-based members of the Blink Group and the USTMAAA. The invitees were met and greeted by the UST luminaries. A brief program included remarks from Fr. Dagohoy and Fr. Aparicio. USTMAAA Foundation, Inc. Executive Director Stella Evangelista, M.D. also gave a brief talk, which was followed by the kick off of the fundraising campaign. Primo Andres, M.D., Executive Director of the USTMAAA and Antonio Penilla, M.D., spokesman for the Blink Group, co-emceed the program.

Even prior to the Reception, during the Board of Director’s Meeting, USTMAAA and Class 1969, pledged donations to Anargyroi. During the Reception, the tone of the evening was set when Stephen Pamatmat, M.D., Financial Officer of the USTFMS venerable Tau Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity came forward and pledged $75,000.00. This was followed by more donations and pledges from different classes and individual US-based FMS alumni. This was carried over to the Gala Night the next day, where more donations and pledges were made.

More importantly, the event served the alumni as an opportunity to showcase their gratitude, love and allegiance to their Alma Mater, the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The Father Rector, Father Regent and the Dean witnessed the outpouring of support by the alumni. They were so very pleased with the response as evidenced in the post-event group picture showing their beaming smiles of approval and gratitude.

Not to be forgotten is the very important role played by the USTMAAA and its leadership in their full embrace and support of the concept of the Anargyroi Foundation and the Development Office, namely its leaders Jose and Stella Evangelista, M.Ds., Oni and Zita Yorro, M.Ds, Primo Andres, M.D., Gerald Quincy Flores, M.D. and Murillo Mangubat, M.D., Incoming President of USTMAAA Foundation, Inc.

The US-based Blink Group members present for the occasion were Helouise Culanculan-Mapa, M.D. and Danilo A. Deaño, M.D., and Antonio R. Penilla, M.D. Other Blink members include Peter Fang, M.D., Linda Sy-Fang, M.D., Erwin G. Gonzalez, M.D., and Peter Figueroa, M.D., in the US and Cora Gemil. M.D. and Willie N. Lagdameo, M.D., in the Philippines.


Reported by:

Antonio R. Penilla, M.D.

Trustee, Anargyroi FMS Foundation, Inc.