On December 1, 2017 (Friday), the Research Center for Culture, Arts, and the Humanities, in cooperation with the Scholar-in-Residence of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, will host the lecture entitled “Tracing Whereabouts of Graduates: Why and How?” at the Miguel de Benavides Library Conference Hall. Delivering the lecture s Dr. Ied Veda Sitepu of Universitas Kristen Indonesia.

According to the presentation abstract, “higher education institutions have become the preferred destination for high school leavers because the function of HEIs has changed not only as provision of knowledge but also as a training place to prepare them for the next phase in life: work.” The presentation will delve into the following areas: 1) profiling graduates; 2) relevance of the curriculum to the labor market; 3) mapping the labor market signal; and 4) measuring graduate competencies.

Sitepu is the current Dean of the Faculty of Letters of UKI and teaches English Literature and Strategic Learning in Higher Education. She earned her doctorate degree in Higher Education from the University of Kassel, Germany in 2011.