On October 15, 2019, the College of Fine Arts and Design and the UST Museum will host the book launch of the work by Regent fr. Edgardo D. Alaurin, O.P., SThD, entitled “Nuestra Señora de Salvacion: History, Theology, Piety.” The event also has the opening of the pipe sculpture exhibit entitled “Lumen Tenebras Vincit!” (Light conquers darkness).

According to curator Mary Ann Venturina-Bulanadi:

“When he wrote his doctoral dissertation, Fr. Edgardo Alaurin, O.P. set out on the mission towards deep recognition and reverence to Our Lady of Light, Nuestra Señora de Salvacion. His book, “Nuestra Señora de Salvacion: History, Theology, Piety,” is an academic adventure voyaged to the discovery of the practically unknown image of the Mother of God nestled in a small village of Joroan, Tiwi, Albay. Written from the perspective of a Bicolano theologian with a keen eye for Mariology and Iconography, the book unravels the Patroness of Albay as a religious icon venerated by devotees and pilgrims mostly from the Bicol region, and how it is a secondary Marian icon next to Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia.

“Alongside the book publication, “Lumen Tenebras Vincit” (“Light conquers darkness”) is a pipe sculpture exhibit of Fr. Alaurin to give tribute to the power of the light and Mary’s role as Stella Maris and Stella Matutina. More than a collection, the exhibit is an execution of devotion, an assemblage of art works which unfolds supernatural, spiritual, humane, and animate collective interpretation. Pieces are made of steel to foreground the settled and subdued devotion of this Dominican toward the image.  Softened by the gentle entrance of light, each sculpture is an embodiment of the luminary life of Nuestra Señora de Salvacion in the eyes of the children of Mary in general—the Pueblo amante de Maria.”