On November 13, 2019, the Research Center for Culture, Arts, and Humanities will host “DISKARTE: 2019 Forum on Design Culture,” at the Multimedia Room of the Miguel de Benavides Library. Specifically, the forum bears the theme “Understanding Design Culture through the Filipino Chair.”

According to the event description, “design culture galvanizes the multi-disciplinal nature of design to approach theory and practice…and intersects the spheres of the design process and activities to embody the values, philosophies, and practices of organizations.”

To talk at length about this culture, the forum will feature two resource speakers: Raquel Florendo, PhD, fpiid and Budji Layug.

Layug will talk about the Practice of Design as culture that inspires a generation of new methods, the promotion of design ingenuity, and meaning-making design production. Complementing the lecture is a round table discussion to be participated in by Dr. Gloria S. Chavez and Mr. Timothy Dacanay.

Meanwhile, Florendo will talk about Design Culture as an Academic Discipline, “viewed to impel generation of methods, new sensibilities, attitudes, concepts, and intellectual processes within the design learning continuum.” Participating in the round table discussion are Prof. Lourdes Samson, PhD and Trisha Anne Padernal.

The forum is part of the research grant given by the Commission on Higher Education and National Commission for Culture and the Arts to Asst. Prof. Guillerma Mendoza, an Industrial Design faculty member and RCCAH researcher.