The project entitled “Monthsary: Monthly Social Awareness That’s Right For You (PHASE II)” was officially launched last January 26, 2016 at the Faculty of Pharmacy Dean’s Office Corridor, 2nd floor of the UST Main Buidling. It is the response of the Faculty of Pharmacy Student Council, headed by the Academics Committee, to the perceived need to make students aware of the issues that do not directly affect them – a flicker to the beginning of a lifetime of disregard to obviously gargantuan problems our generation is dealing with.
This project consists a series of awareness campaigns through social media presence and physical posters that tackle the tribulations of the 21st century. This January, the awareness campaign for Drug Facts began. The future topics include the following: Mental Health, Abortion, Suicide, Domestic Violence, Healthy Living, HIV / AIDS, Environment, Sleep Deprivation, and Eating Disorders.
This is an effort on the part of the academe to ensure the engagement of highly educated individuals in discussions that matter, it may be in politics and national agenda, or social dilemma in various sectors of society.