In the August 2016 psychometrician licensure exams administered by the Professional Regulation Commission, the University of Santo Tomas emerged as the 2ND top performing school, with 158 passers and a 91.86% passing rate. UST’s passing rate is significantly higher than the 50.46% national passing rate.

Six Thomasians landed in the top 10:

            Top 4             Kathleen Kaye S. Medriano (84.80%)

            Top 7             Rose Anne B. Silva (84.20%)

            Top 8             Princess Debbie Ann Cootauco (84.00%)

            Top 9             Mark Lawrence Q. Gale (83.80%)

                                     Ma. Vea Antoinette O. Olarte (83.80%)

                                     Rency Mae L. Silvestre (83.80%)