This special term, eleven (11) Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics major in Instrumentation students are undergoing on-the-job training in universities abroad, under the guidance of their respective supervisors.

Learning under the guidance of Drs. Toshiaki Makino and Hitoshi Miura of Nagoya City University, Japan, is Elisha Khristia Basadre. Meanwhile, Dr. John Holdsworth of the University of Newcastle in Australia is mentoring Vidal Marvin Gabriel.

Victoria Louise Quilatan is under the guidance of Dr. Chia-Ming Kuo and is undergoing her OJT in the National Central University of Taiwan and in the Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire (CERN) or the European Council for Nuclear Research in Switzerland.

Finally, the following students are in Taiwan, under their respective mentors:

            In Academia Sinica

                  Jason Mactal under Dr. Yang-Yuan Chen

                 Pocholo Luis Mendiola under Dr. Chi-Keung Chan

            In Chung Yuan Christian University

                    Jericha Cher Iglesia under Dr. Chi-Tsu Yuan

                    Septem P. Caigas, Yuola Rose Rubio, and Michelle Granado under Dr. Ji-Lin Shen

                    Paolo Luis Abalos under Dr. Wen Yaw Chung

                    Princess Genevieve Sena under Dr. Yu-Chiang Chao