Mr. Juland D. Salayo, MA, Subject Area Lead Teacher (SALT) for Research of the Senior High School, presented a research paper entitled “Home Language: An Agency toward Dialogic Engagement in Critical Pre-Writing Phase among Filipino Learners of English” in the February 7-9, 2020 Cambodia Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CamTESOL) conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Salayo’s mixed-methods study looked into the “use of the participants’ home language as an agency in building dialogic engagement.” The study likewise attempted to “explore how community-driven pre-writing discourse establishes emancipatory writing as an approach to empower the learners of the second language.”

Results showed that “the speakers’ home language shapes dialogic engagement evident in various conversational occurrences like presenting input, questioning and challenging the current system, arguing, constructing, reconstructing and expanding insights and issues, and offering evidences, options and solutions.  Hence, learners’ empowerment is highlighted by the community support in a classroom pre-writing collaborative task.”