Prof. Marc Eric S. Reyes, PhD of the Department of Psychology of the College of Science was elected Vice-President of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) for Academic Year 2018-2019.

According to Reyes, his tenure in PAP will help contribute to achieving the following: 1) establishing PAP regional chapters all over the country; 2) strengthening linkages with local and international psychological organizations; 3) provide CPD units-earning activities for registered psychometricians and psychologists; and 4) coordinate with the Civil Service Commission regarding job opportunities in government for the members.

Prior to his current post, Reyes served as PAPJA Convention Co-Chair, PAP Treasurer, Board Member, and Certification Committee Chair.

In an online interview, Reyes also shared his thoughts regarding the recently passed Mental Health Law, which he said must be implemented properly, through the vigilance of stakeholders. Reyes likewise said that with the legislation in place, “we should move toward more concrete action plants by moving from MH awareness to sustainable MH programs on how to address issues and concerns.” Specifically, Reyes suggested the development of skill-based MH programs and activities at the community level, the inclusion of MH in the curricula through a Mental Hygiene Program, and continued public information and awareness campaigns.