A multi-discplinary research on malignant and non-malignant thyroid tissues bagged the top prize in the Scientific Poster Competition of the 41st National Academy of Science and Technology Scientific Meeting, held from July 10-11, 2019 in Ortigas.

The paper evaluated “the potential of ATR-FTIR as a more objective and highly efficient method in discriminating malignant from non-malignant thyroid tissues.” The study compared 50 sections each of malignant and non-malignant thyroid tissues, which after processing were subjected to ATR-FTIR analysis.

Results indicated that “ATR-FTIR fingerprint analysis, in conjunction with chemometric data, is potentially a more objective and specific new method for diagnosing malignant thyroid tissues, prompting more timely onward referral of patients for further testing.”

Joining in the team were Abegail Santillan, Ruth Bangaoil, Rolando Lopez, Maria Honolina Gomez, Allan Fellizar, Prof. Maria Cristina Ramos, PhD, Asst. Prof. Leonardo Guevara, Jr., PhD, and Assoc. Prof. Pia Marie S.P. Albano, PhD. The institutions that collaborated were the University’s Graduate School, Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Science, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Hospital. Mr. Fellizar also represented the Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center.

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