Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, major in Recreation and Leisure Management


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT is a four-year degree program related to the fields of hospitality and tourism education. It provides students the opportunity to become involved directly in managing and planning the world’s biggest people industry – tourism. This concentrates on courses such as history, travel, language, and other cultural aspects. It provides exposure and training of becoming experts in management of the travel, tour, and hospitality industry and will lead students to a journey toward a senior role in this exciting, diverse, and growing industry.

The BS Tourism Management program has two areas of specialization: (1) Major in Travel Operations and Service Management, and (2) Major in Recreation and Leisure Management.

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT Major in Recreation and Leisure Management program provides an integrated study of the management and operation of recreation and leisure attractions, facilities, and services. It will also cover important components with regard to the positive use of leisure time, while traveling, engaging in recreation, recreational sport, or entertainment. The program also emphasizes learning and leadership in the recreational environment, through which students will gain strong managerial preparation. The overall learning objective of this program is to prepare the students for professional positions in the fields of recreation and tourism by cultivating a broad understanding of leisure and recreation in our society and developing strong managerial skills.


Thomasian Graduate Attributes

The University of Santo Tomas, in pursuit of truth, guided by reason and illumined by faith, dedicates herself to the generation, advancement and transmission of knowledge to form competent and compassionate professionals committed to the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community.

I am a Thomasian. I carry the SEAL of Thomasian education. I am a Servant leader, an Effective communicator and collaborator, an Analytical and creative thinker, and a Lifelong learner. With Christ at the center of my formation as a Thomasian, I am expected to demonstrate the following Thomasian Graduate Attributes (ThoGAs):


— Show leadership abilities to promote advocacies for life, freedom, justice, and solidarity in the service of the family, the local and global communities, the Church and the environment.

— Implement relevant projects and activities that speak of Christian compassion to the poor and the marginalized in order to raise their quality of life

— Show respect for the human person, regardless of race, religion, age, and gender


— Express myself clearly, correctly, and confidently in various environments, contexts, and technologies of human interaction

— Work productively with individuals or groups from diverse cultures and demographics

— Show profound respect for individual differences and/or uniqueness as members of God’s creation


— Show judiciousness and resourcefulness in making personal and professional decisions

— Engage in research undertakings that respond to societal issues

— Express personal and professional insights through an ethical and evidence-based approach


— Engage in reflective practice to ensure disciplinal relevance and professional development

— Exhibit preparedness and interest for continuous upgrading of competencies required by the profession or area of specialization

— Manifest fidelity to the teachings of Christ, mediated by the Catholic Church, in the continuous deepening of faith and spirituality in dealing with new life situations and challenges

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1. Exhibit Christian leadership promoting life advocacies through project implementation for social and economic transformation.

PEO2. Practice effective interpersonal and communication skills through collaboration, use of information technology and respect for cultural heritage and diversity.

PEO3. Assess industry-academe trends and issues to generate research and business undertakings in tourism and hospitality through the basis of specific standards and criteria within personal, professional, societal and ethical context. 

PEO4. Employ a solid understanding and the need for continuous upgrading of the managerial and operational competencies of tourism and hospitality through reflective practice consistent with the global standards and Christian values.

Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

PO1. apply leadership skills in various areas of tourism through advocacy programs that aim to improve the quality of life of both local and global communities;

PO2. engage in meaningful collaboration, communication, and processing of information through technology to effectively perform assigned tasks in a diverse cultural environment;

PO3. apply analytical and quantitative skills to formulate business decisions, producing quality research and business outputs that respond to tourism and hospitality issues and trends compliant with the laws of the society; and

PO4. demonstrate the ability to perform basic supervisory job functions, as well as entrepreneurial competencies, manifesting Christian values, in the tour, travel, leisure and recreation, as well as hotel and restaurant careers.

In addition, graduates of BS in Tourism Management Major in Recreation and Leisure Management should be able to develop tourism sites for local and global markets, integrating the latest trends of the leisure and recreation industry while respecting ethical values of a culturally sensitive humanity (PO5-RLM).

Becoming Part of the Program

Application Period: July to December of each year

Application Website

Release of Results: January 28 of the following year


Go to THIS PAGE and look for the “College of Tourism and Hospitality Management” tab for the tuition fees.

Welcome Message for Freshmen A.Y. 2020-2021

Mabuhay and congratulations!

Welcome to the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas.

It’s our aim to educate and form you as a competent, committed, and compassion, Thomasian major in Tourism and Hospitality Management for the service of the Church and the society.

Thank you and mabuhay!

Sincerely, Fr. Macky

Rev. Fr. Roland Mactal, O.P., PhL



Welcome to the UST-College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Congratulations for making it to the premiere Hospitality School in the country. With your confirmation of enrollment, you are about to signify your willingness to experience Thomasian Hospitality Education.

We are inspired to transform you into competent, compassionate, and committed professionals who will make a positive difference in the world.

See you soon, CTHM freshies! Mabuhay kayo!

Sincerely, Gezzez

Assoc. Prof. Gezzez Giezi G. Granado, DCL


Congratulations and welcome to the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. I am confident that the year ahead will be full of opportunities to explore your potentials and develop your competencies with the dynamic and innovative courses and promising major programs. We are your partners in your quest to reach your academic and personal goals to be the next bearers of major key positions in the different sectors of the tourism industry. I look forward to seeing you in the days to come, and I thank you for being a member of the Thomasian community. You are the future of tourism, and it is about time to be part of this dynamic, colorful, and fun industry!

Asst. Prof. Jane G. Devanadera, CHE

Department Chair

Career Opportunities

Graduates of BS in Tourism Management, Major in Recreation and Leisure Management may be a/a:

Park Management Specialist Recreation Specialists  Amusement/ Theme Park Guide
Golf Manager Camp Counsellor Planner
Recreational Management Destination Consultant Activity Director Promotions Staff
Museum Guide / Curator Camping Director Reception Staff
Handicapped Program Planner Recreation Director Manager
Concert Promoter Events Coordinator Administrator
Flight Attendant


Since the program includes business-related courses, a BS in Tourism Management graduate may also be a/an: 

Sales Representative Commercial Account Specialist Trainee Group Consultant
Marketing Analyst Administrative Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager
Customer Analyst Advertising Specialist Management Personnel
(4 functional areas-HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance plus IT)
Financial Analyst Marketing Coordinator Senior Manager of Strategy and Marketing
Merchandising Analyst Advertising Manager


Program Curriculum

Effectivity: A.Y. 2018-2019

First Year - 2 Terms

First Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
FIL 1 Filipino 1 3 0 3
NSTP 1 NSTP 1 0 0 3
PE 1 PATH-PE 1 2 0 2
PURPCOM Purposive Communication 3 0 3
READ_PH Readings in Philippine History 3 0 3
THM 5202 Macro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality 3 0 3
THM 5303 Risk Management as Applied to Safety, Security, and Sanitation 3 0 3
THY 1 Christian Vision of the Human Person 3 0 3
TOTAL 20 0 23

Second Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
FIL 2 Filipino 2 3 0 3
NSTP 2 NSTP 2 0 0 3
PE 2 PATH-PE 2 2 0 2
THM 5201 Foreign Language 1 3 0 3
THM 5205 Quality Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality 3 0 3
THM 5206 Philippine Culture and Tourism Geography 3 0 3
THY 2 Christian Vision of Marriage and Family 3 0 3
UND_SELF Understanding the Self 3 0 3
TOTAL 20 0 3
Second Year - 2 Terms

First Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
ELE 1 Professional Elective 1 3 0 3
LIT 1 Literature 1 3 0 3
MATH_MW Mathematics in the Modern World 3 0 3
PE 3 PATH-PE 2 2 0 2
RLM 5271 Recreational and Leisure Management 3 0 3
THM 5204 Foreign Language 2 3 0 3
THM 52013 Global Culture and Tourism Geography 3 0 3
THY 3 Christian Vision of the Church in Society 3 0 3
TOTAL 23 0 23

Second Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
ELE 2 Professional Elective 2 3 0 3
ETHICS Ethics 3 0 3
PE 4 PATH-PE 4 2 0 2
RLM 5272 Sports and Adventure Tourism 3 0 3
SCITECHS Science, Technology, and Society 3 0 3
THM 52014 Transportation Management 3 0 3
THM 52015 Tour and Travel Management 3 0 3
THY 4 Living the Christian Vision in the Contemporary World 3 0 3
TOTAL 23 0 23
Third Year - 2 Terms

First Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
CONTEM_W The Contemporary World 3 0 3
ELE 3 Professional Elective 3 3 0 3
GE ELEC I Elective I 3 0 3
RLM 5273 Integrated Resorts Management and Operations 3 0 3
THM 5207 Micro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality 3 0 3
THM 52016 Tourism Policy Planning and Development 3 0 3
THM 52017 Applied Business Tools and Technologies (GDS) with Laboratory (TPC) 1 6 3
THM 52029 Operations Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry 3 0 3
TOTAL 22 6 24

Second Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
ELE 4 Professional Elective 4 3 0 3
RLM 5274 Spa and Wellness Management 3 0 3
THM 5208 Multicultural Diversity in the Workplace for the Tourism Professional 3 0 3
THM 5209 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 3 0 3
THM 52010 Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality 3 0 3
THM 52018 Sustainable Tourism 3 0 3
THM 52019 Introduction to Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events Management 3 0 3
THM 52028 Strategic Management in Tourism and Hospitality 3 0 3
TOTAL 24 0 24
Fourth Year - 2 Terms

First Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
ART_APP Art Appreciation 3 0 3
ELE 5 Professional Elective 5 3 0 3
LIWORIZ Life and Works of Rizal 3 0 3
RLM 5275 Parks, Wildlife, and Marine Tourism 3 0 3
THM 52011 Legal Aspects in Tourism and Hospitality 3 0 3
THM 52012 Professional Development and Applied Ethics 3 0 3
THM 52020 Personality and Social Image Development for Hospitality and Tourism Professionals 3 0 3
THM 52021 Research in Tourism 3 0 3
TOTAL 24 0 24

Second Term

Abbreviation Description Lec. Hrs. Lab. Hrs. Units Pre-Requisites
THM 52034 Practicum 0 18 6

Student Life

Industry Immersion

Cruise Immersion

Community Immersion

The Tourism Management Department regularly offers immersion programs for the students to see and gain first-hand knowledge of how the industry works. From hotels, cruise lines, and community immersions, various adventures await you!

Quiz Bees

Our students regularly participate in various tourism-related contests, such as PHILTOA, UFTE, Domestikwhiz, TourCon, and HRT.


National Competition


Apart from classroom learning and industry immersions, the college also has educational tour for the students. One of the most awaited highlights of being a Tourism Management student is the exciting domestic tours in Cebu, Bohol, Palawan and
international tours in South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Students Tourism Society Ushering Committee

Our students are often invited to assist and become ushers for University activities inside and outside the campus giving them more exposure and a chance to practice service and hospitality skills they learn in the classroom namely, Papal Visit, diplomatic missions, national and international events, UAAP, etc.


“It has been 6 wonderful years since I graduated from UST-CTHM, and my education gave me confidence to enter the dynamic world of the Travel and Tourism industry. I have been working as a Flight Attendant for 5 years now, and I have
witnessed how traveling plays different roles to each and every one (leisure, work, migration, etc.) and how it is truly an essential part of our lives.”

Ms. Anna Joy L. Putchero (BS Tourism 2014)

Flight Attendant, Philippine Airlines

“The knowledge and values that I have acquired through the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management has definitely helped my dreams take flight. While the path may be turbulent at times, it is also rewarding when you have the honor to be serving Filipinos, and people from all over the world, by being an integral part of our nation’s flag carrier.”

Mr. Angelo Devaraturda (BS Tourism 2005)

Airport Services Manager, Philippine Airlines

“Indeed, experience is the best teacher, but we can never remove the discipline and theories that education instills in us as we pursue our passion. Through the Tourism Management program of the University of Santo Tomas, I have become the best asset to the company I work with today. UST-CTHM equipped me with the right skill set, knowledge, and attitude.”

Ms. Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria (BS Travel Management 2013)

Flight Attendant, Philippine Airlines

“I clearly remember how the Tourism industry is described as something big, dynamic, and significant. Indeed, tourism plays a vital role in boosting the economy, especially here in the Philippines. There are still various opportunities for our industry to grow if you are willing to get involved.”

Mr. Gerard Alvin Apostol (BS Tourism 2012)

Flight Steward, Philippine Airlines

“I have always loved the sky; planes and flying also fascinate me. Being a Cabin Crew member has always been my dream. The journey to this endeavor was never easy, but it was all worth it. I am truly grateful to God Almighty and my beloved Alma Mater, UST-CTHM, for molding and preparing me for this career path. The best part of being a Cabin Crew member is seeing the smile on every passenger’s face.”

Mr. Cristopher Ian Mauricio (BS Tourism 2010)

Lead Cabin Crew, Cebu Pacific Air

“To become a flight attendant has always been my childhood dream as I want to travel and experience the world while working at the same time. I chose to take up BS Travel Management in UST because I trust the quality education that they
provide. In my 4-year Thomasian journey, my professors and mentors equipped me with knowledge and skills needed to become a competent, compassionate, and committed Tourism Professional, and I believe that this success would not be possible without the help of UST.”

Ms. Krizzia Lynn O. Moreno (BS Travel Management 2015)

Lead Cabin Crew, Cebu Pacific Air

“To be part of the airline industry was a childhood dream for me; the quality education and value formation received from the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management enabled me to live this dream. UST molded me to become a competent professional in the corporate arena, committed leader in empowering the organization and doing everything with
compassion. It is an accomplishment to be working in the airline industry for 16 years now being a part of people’s journey – bringing them closer to their homes and propelling businesses to success.”

Ms. Greta Romero (BS Tourism 2004)

Sales Manager, American Airlines

“Welcome to the University of Santo Tomas and welcome to the CTHM family! Focus on your dreams and achieve them through determination and hardwork. Learn to be competent, compassionate and committed in your journey as Thomasians of the new decade!”

Mr. Jester Lawrence Nisperos (BS Tourism 2008)

Flight Steward, Philippine Airlines

“Whenever I see a CV of an applicant that states he/she is a graduate from UST, I get excited! That is because I know how a Thomasian works; and I am proud to be one! The Travel Industry is very diverse with opportunities from being a Ticketing Agent, Flight Attendant, Cargo Officer, Travel Agent, Tour Operator, and many more! The best part of being in this industry is that you are not just working; you are also given the chance to explore the world.”

Ms. Maria Christina Dolor E. Villarin

General Manager, Xpert Air Services, Inc. (Airline Manpower)

“In Tourism, we sell Dreams. Every fulfilled dream travel starts from the heart of the one who creates it and ends to the heart
of the one who receives it. My experiences in and out of the University and my qualifications as a BS Tourism degree holder enabled me to achieve my dream of putting up a travel agency.”

Ms. Angel Alvarez-Lao (BS Tourism 2000)

Owner, Travel Ilocandia Travel and Tours and Casa Ilocandia Guest House

“My education in the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management has been the backbone of my career in the Leisure and Entertainment sector. It did not limit me to a specific career path we often dreamed of but instead it has broaden and literally for me, up to the air, down the land and across the sea. 18 years in the Cruise Industry and its challenging complexities has been a self-fulfillment that without this education and specially the values of resiliency from UST, it would not have qualified me to this blessed opportunity to be part of the wonderful world of the Tourism Industry”.

Ms. Andrea Manzano (BS Tourism 2000)

Assistant Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, Genting Cruise Lines (Philippines)

“UST (especially Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management then) taught me the very essence of realizing the ‘dream beyond our seeing’. From class organization then to community-based Tourism organization, capacitating and empowerment, from class convention to national Tourism congress management, from a Tourism class officer to Municipal Tourism Officer (Public Servant) and National Officer of the Tourism Officers Association of the Philippines – a vocation or mission in life carrying out a concrete assignment and fulfillment”.

Ms. Jomelyn M. Abuan (BS Tourism 1996)

Municipal Tourism Officer, Montalban, Rizal

“Never give up on your dreams just because life right now is uncertain. Some chapters in our life would not have a title until much later. Pursue a career based on your passion and write your future the way you want it to be and not on what the present dictates.”

Ms. Joyce Marie Dizon-Tenazas (BS Tourism 2006)

Senior Sales Manager, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc.

“The University of Santo Tomas – College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (UST- CTHM) has played a great role not only in my educational growth, but also, guided me to find the right outlook for success. I will always
be grateful to my professors and to UST- CTHM for an exceptional learning program they provided to us. CTHM as my training ground steered me to step up in my diverse workplace and expand my multi-cultural network.”

Ms. Chamille B. Mercado (BS Travel Management 2015)

Digital Workflow Officer / Local Decision-Maker, British Embassy - Manila

“I started my travel agency with optimism, passion, desire, and grit. I am thankful for the opportunities and the trainings that UST-CTHM provided me so that I could effectively serve our beloved tourism industry. To the future Tourism and Hospitality Practitioners, welcome! Let us all give our best to help improve our industry. I will see you all soon.”

Mr. Arnulfo Ricardo A. Butiong, MMC (BS Tourism 2010)

General Manager, Travel Insider Tour and Travel Agency

“Being a graduate of UST-CTHM, I have been holistically prepared to the uncertainties of this diverse tourism industry. We were trained based on our strengths and individual competencies that had put us at an advantage to career opportunities I have never imagined going to– and that is where I am at now, “the road less traveled”, one has never thought of, could be, a destination of a tourism graduate.”

Ms. Heidi Ria S. Garingo (BS Travel Management 2016)

Immigration Officer 1, Bureau of Immigration

“Greetings, future Thomasian Tourism and Hospitality Practitioners! I am sure that some of you are still wondering if you really chose the right program, and that is perfectly natural. When I started my freshman year in College at CTHM, I was skeptical about the careers I will have in the future. But after taking my major subjects, attending trainings, joining various activities and being part of the Students’Tourism Society, it gave me a very good impression of how diverse the Tourism
and Hospitality industry is. Put your best foot forward, make great strides toward your new journey that is about to begin.”

Mr. Brandon Esparancilla (BS Travel Management 2014)

Guest Service Supervisor, Ascott Bonifacio Global City

“Traveling brings opportunities of discovering the beauty of other places outside my own world; this activity is a treat to the 5 senses, hence, this why I took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism for my undergraduate studies. It did not disappoint me because I was able to work in the Cruise industry and satisfied my hunger and thirst for traveling. So I am encouraging you, my dear CTHM students, to pursue your dream in this industry–we need responsible ambassadors and ambassadress advocating a cleaner and greener world where everyone can enjoy exploring. As Thomasians, imbued with God’s unending grace, may you illumine the world with your beauty. Go USTe!!!”

Rev. Fr. Reynor E. Munsayac, O.P. (BS Tourism 1998)

Dominican Priest, Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary, Manaoag, Pangasinan