Assistant Professor Ritzmond F. Loa of the College of Nursing won the outstanding poster presentation for his research entitled “An Exploration of Older Adults Perception of Independent Living in the Philippines” in the 18th International Conference of Public Health Sciences with the theme Global and Urban Health Issues in 5.0 Era, held last October 2, 2018 at Mandarin Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

Loa’s paper explored the meaning of independent living from the perspectives of community-dwelling older adults in the Philippines. The qualitative study collected data through in-depth interviews from fifteen physically healthy older adults aged 60 years and older, residing alone or with their families, relatives, friends, and household helpers in the urban city of Manila, Philippines. Participants that responded to the advertisement were purposively selected based on the criteria set by the researcher. Interview transcripts were analyzed using content analysis and respondent validation was done to established trustworthiness of the findings.

The international conference was organized by the College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University (CPHS-CU) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Research and Training in Public Health Development. In October 2016, Assistant Professor Loa also won the outstanding oral presentation for his research entitled “Effects of Motivational Interviewing on the Self-efficacy of Adult Tuberculosis Patients” in the 16th International Conference of Public Health Sciences: Universal Health Coverage, A Global Perspective held at Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.