Bachelor of Science in Information Technology senior Jan Raleigh A. Obcena was feted as the Most Outstanding ITE Student in the National Capital Region by the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators on May 27, 2020.

Obcena said that his parents were his core inspiration that kept him walking down his chosen career path. He expressed that the award was more of an act of expressing his gratitude and love to his parents.

“As my mother works overseas, she endures the sadness and pain of being miles away from her family, all the while struggling to earn for our needs and everyday living,” Obcena said.

“Having finished the journey, my college life is already a big offering to my parents. But as I earned this award, it would be another big reason for her to finally go home and walk along my side as I get recognized on the day of my graduation.”

Obcena served as the Associate Team Head of the Academics and Research Team of UST Society of Information Technology Enthusiasts, and also the Vice-President of the ICS Student Council.

Institute of Information and Computing Sciences Director Asst. Prof. Jerralyn T. Padua, MS, and Department chair of Information Technology Asst. Prof. Noel E. Estrella, DIT, nominated Obcena to PSITE.