Educational Technology Center

The University of Santo Tomas – The Educational Technology Center is the university’s support unit dedicated to the promotion of innovative approaches to teaching and learning using the appropriate integration of digital technologies in a flexible learning environment.

UST EdTech Center is the leading training center on ICT teacher professional development specializing on massive-wide elearning deployment in the Philippines. The center’s impact and contribution to the advancement of ICT-based teacher professional education has been recognized both in international and national professional institutions.

Services Offered



  1. ICT-based Teacher Training – offers both formal and informal Teacher Capacity Building Program on ICT Integration across various delivery modes from face-to-face to virtual learning environments
  2. Media Production Services – comprised of a team with different media specialization in the areas of audio-visual production, audio recording/editing, graphic arts, multimedia programming, scriptwriting, and video coverage. The production team specializes in the following services:
    • Customized audio-visual presentations
    • Video Coverage & Photo Documentation
    • Interactive Multimedia Kiosk
    • Documentary Films
    • Instructional Videos
    • Instructional Multimedia Material
    • Learning Objects
    • Desktop Publishing Materials
    • Animation
    • Audio-production
  3. Digital Cablecast Services Tiger TV (formerly TOMCATv), the official television network within the campus and running for almost 14 years now, is considered a pioneering effort since the University of Santo Tomas is the only university in the country with a closed-circuit television network within the campus managed by student volunteers.
  4. Radio AiringTiger Radio is the official internet based radio of the university accessible at Student volunteers acted as disc jockeys tackling the day-to-day life of a Thomasian student. News and current affairs from the cablecast are also webcasted via the Tiger Radio.
  5. Webcast Services – offers web streaming services which deliver a live video signal in real-time to web viewers. The UST@400 channel webcasts all major events of the university.
  6. Web-based Seminar – offers workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web or local network using Blackboard Collaborate.
  7. Mobile Learning – offers support to students and faculty members in the school policy framework, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) via Blackboard Mobile to access course materials through smartphones and other mobile devices.
  8. Digital Learning Recording Sessions – offers services in assisting faculty members in recording and deploying their learning materials through its various recording studios using advanced elearning tools
  9. Learning Space Design – offers consultative services in redesigning 21st century classrooms for integrating the right fit of pedagogy, technology and architecture
  10. Digital Media Asset Management – is comprised of a team that focuses on converting analog collections to digital media, edit, store and upload the digital asset into the online digital media library that will give access and develop new resources for all patrons.

edtech-2016-2017-eleap-logoThe elearning Access Program (eLeAP) remains the focal program of the UST EdTech Center catering to the eLearning activities of the university. The partnership of the Educational Technology Center and the respective colleges through its eLearning Access Program (eLEAP) addresses the need to increase availability of knowledge resources and revolutionize teaching-learning opportunities among faculty members and students in the digital world.

Having a centralized and dedicated Edtech Center allowed the university to administer faculty and student support across a massive-wide elearning implementation. eLEAP has a cloud-based infrastructure powered by Blackboard, a world-class learning management system, enhanced by Google for Education and enriched Adobe Creative eLearning Solutions. it is able to provide an integrated learning environment that provides rich opportunities for faculty members across subject areas of specialization to reap the benefits of elearning while improving their specific skills in:

  • Designing meaningful eLearning classroom experiences
  • Developing customised interactive multimedia content
  • Enhancing their productivity and participating in other non-curricular activities related to technology
  • Providing faculty members with a secure and reliable alternative learning environment to augment existing face-to-face classes in the form of web-presence, web-enhanced or fully-online course sites.
  • Improving lesson delivery by providing anytime/anywhere online learning opportunities through teacher-centered, student-centered and team-centered approaches;
  • Mirroring and enhancing the existing classroom delivery lesson cycle (motivation, content delivery, assessment, discussion, and reinforcement of lessons) through a variety of appropriate elearning practices;
  • Training and mentoring faculty members continually in their elearning practices and needs;
  • Enriching learning experiences of students through well-designed web-based activities; and
  • Facilitating community-based projects such as surveys or elections which are non-curricular in nature through the creation of community sites.

The Educational Technology Center is an integral part of the University of Santo Tomas in strengthening the academic programs of the University by promoting the appropriate integration of educational media for the enhancement of instruction, research, and community service to the entire Thomasian academic community.

The Educational Technology Center, under the supervision of the Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, contributes to the achievement of academic excellence by enhancing the academic and religious instruction of the university in the appropriate design, development and effective integration of educational media and emerging learning technologies for globally-recognized catholic education.

Mission and Vision

Drawing on expertise in both technology and pedagogy, the Educational Technology Center envisions itself to lead, support and advocate the innovative and meaningful ways to engage students’ learning in computer- enabled learning environments amidst converging and emerging digital technologies.


Services Offered

  •  Production of documentary films, instructional videos and other dynamic audio-visual presentations
  •  Development of interactive media materials, kiosks, and multimedia learning objects
  •  Online Course Site Development and Deployment
  •  Conduct of Instructional Technology Integration Training Programs
  •  Broadcasting of curriculum-based radio and TV production programs
  •  Video documentation and web-streaming services of curricular events

Contact Information

2/F Miguel de Benavides Library University of Santo Tomas España Blvd., Manila, Philippines 1015
+632 – 4061611 locals 8332/8339
Direct Line: +632-7409701
Telefax: +632-7409704

URL Addresses of Component Departments

eLearning Access Program (
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FACULTY - Ramos, Anna(2013, MA – 2×2 Gray)




Section Head, Technical

UST FACULTY AB Comm - MARTEL-ABUGAN Faye (2013, MA - 2x2 Gray)


Project Head, Broadcasting Section

Adviser, Tomasian Cable Television


eLearning Access Program (eLeAP) Technology and Infrastructure ManagersInnovative and Learning Technology Section

eLearning Specialists
Digital Media Asset and Management Section – Project Leader


Ms. Arne Barcelo

Digital Media Asset and Management Section – Media Librarian


Asst. Prof. Ma. Pri-Ann Tinipunan

Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy faculty-layug-apollo2013-ma-2x2-gray

Mr. Apollo Layug

College of Architecture Asst. Prof. Susan Petilla
Faculty of Arts of Letters Asst. Prof. Jose Tolentino Olivar II
College of Commerce and Business Administration Asst. Prof. Jun Grimaldo
Ecclesiastical Faculties
College of Education ust-faculty-educ-teached-buendia-maria-mercedes-c-2016-ma-2x2-gray

Assoc. Prof. Maria Mercedes C. Buendia

Faculty of Engineering

Asst. Prof. Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra

College of Fine Arts and Design Asst. Prof. Santiago Caaway III, PhD
Graduate School

Asst. Prof. Rachelle B. Lintao, PhD

Institute of Information and Computing Sciences Asst. Prof. Christopher Ladao
Junior High School Ms. Marie Christy Iguid
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Dr. Earl Louis Sempio
Conservatory of Music Ms. Mary Rose Coronel
National Service Training Program Mr. Jan Michael Garcia
College of Nursing FACULTY - Gascon, April Joy M(2013, MA – 2×2 Gray)

Ms. April Joy Gascon

Faculty of Pharmacy Ms. Gladys Bathan
Institute of Physical Education and Athletics Asst. Prof. Diana Dy
College of Rehabilitation Sciences Ms. Cristine Rose Versales
Institute of Religion Mr. Dennis Ian B. Sy
College of Science UST FACULTY Sci BioSci - CASTILLO Josefino R (2016, MS - 2x2 Gray)

Asst. Prof. Josefino Castillo, PhD

Senior High School Mr. Reinhel Angelo Sicat
College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Mr. Raphael Alfonso Acabado
Non-Academic Staff

Digital Asset Management


Media Production


Multimedia Programmer


Multimedia Programmer


Multimedia Programmer


Multimedia Programmer


Audio Technician






Technical Services


Technical Support Staff


Technical Support Staff


Technical Support Staff


Technical Support Staff


Cable Technician / Electrician


Office Management


Office Assistant


General Clerk