Mr. Renz Christian Argao and Assoc. Prof. Pablito Baybado, Jr. attended the 2015 Asia-Pacific Interfaith Youth Network (APIYN) Youth Camp in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from December 7-10, 2015. The camp bore the theme “Multi-Religious Youth Action to Overcome Violent Religious Extremism.” The APIYN is a network of multi-religious youth from 15 countries across the region with the mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace.
Argao, a faculty of the Department of Psychology and Supervising Psychologist of the Graduate School Psychotrauma Clinic, represents the Philippines to the APIYN. He was selected as the Philippine Delegate in recognition of his valuable contribution in the activities on psychosocial support services for the youth, women, and soldiers in Mindanao and the victims of Typhoons Sendong and Yolanda. In his report-presentation, Argao highlighted the work of Religions for Peace Philippines and the University of Santo Tomas for the youth affected by the armed conflicts in Central Mindanao and the various programs and actions to empower the youth towards peace.
Baybado, a Faculty member from the Institute of Religion, joins the youth camp as a member of the leadership of Religions for Peace Asia, currently serving as its Associate Secretary General.