Asst. Prof. Emmanual Jeric A. Albela, MA of Department of History and Research Center for Culture and Arts, and Humanities, published his work on balut culture in Manila: History, Culture, and Heritage, a research journal by National Commission on Culture and Arts, Manila Studies Association, and Philippine National Historical Society.

His work, entitled “Contemporary Balut Eating Culture and Innovation” started as a research project in RCCAH that tackled the cultural significance of Balut and its variations on preparation, both in fine dining and in street food setting. Through the lenses of Anthony Giddens’ Structuration Theory, it explores the importance of Balut industry, its consumption by Filipinos, and its influence on eating culture. Moreover, Albela’s work tackled the significance of balut—often viewed as an exotic food by foreigners–to Philippine History and society.

The issue editors of this journal were Lorelei DC de Viana, and Marya Svetlana T. Camacho.

Albela is serving as the Student’s Welfare and Development Board of Conservatory of Music.