Eight incoming junior and senior students from the four different colleges in the University are in Vancouver, Canada, to participate as the first batch for the the June – July 2016 Summer Program of the University of British Columbia (UBC). This is the first student exchange activity borne out of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between UST and UBC. Another batch of fifteen students followed after.

Representing the University are:
Angelu Kassandra Aguas (BS Accountancy)

Arts and Letters
Frances Thea Torres (AB Asian Studies)

Isabel Maria Margarita Asuncion (BS Nutrition and Dietetics)

Claudine Joyce Alay-ay (BS Clinical Pharmacy)
Aimee Dianne Hermoso (BS Clinical Pharmacy)

Rehabilitation Sciences
Mark Andre Blanco (BS Occupational Therapy)
Renelle Louise Villareal (BS Occupational Therapy)

Rose Celine Aguinaldo (BS Biology)

Accompanying the students is Prof. Carlos Garcia, PhD, of the Department of Chemistry of the College of Science.