Human Resource Department


To form a Christian community by giving its members the opportunity to grow professionally and spiritually by way of helping one another to become efficient, skilled, trustworthy in the performance of tasks and responsibilities and in support to the fulfillment of our vision of a “contemporary moral non-academic Thomasian Community”.


A contemporary moral non-academic Thomasian Community exemplified by its Christian identity and infused with the virtues of truth, charity, justice and honesty achieved by competent and diligent performance of tasks and responsibilities in an atmosphere of love and respect for one another, thereby contributing to the University’s mission in the “formation of Christians committed to the service of the Church, the nation and the global community.”


Atty. Jacqueline O. Lopez – Kaw 

Rowena R. Castro
Assistant Director

Services Offered

  1. Develops, implements and coordinates policies and programs for the University support staff in relation to employment – employee relations, wage and salary administration, orientation and training, placement, performance evaluation, benefits and formation.
  2. Formulates policies and implement activities for employee development and productivity
  3. Processes requests (hiring, selection and placement) for manpower requirement of the colleges/ department for regular, direct hired or sub-contractual employment.
  4. Organizes trainings/ seminar for the support staff.
  5. Reviews and proposes recommendations, if necessary, of the salary structure for University support staff.
  6. Recommends to the Assistant to the Rector for Administration the promotion, merit increase adjustment, transfer of assignment of employees in accordance with the existing University policies, procedures and standards.
  7. Plans and implements program or activities for the professional development, spiritual and social growth and work productivity of the support staff.
  8. Review and updates the evaluation instrument of the support staff.
  9. Provides employee – counseling services.
  10. Performs job evaluation on requests for reclassification and endorses the same to the Manpower Committee.

Contact Information

Address: Ground Floor, UST Main Bldg., España Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila
Tel. No. : Direct line – 731 – 533
Trunk line – 786 – 1611 local 8254
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