Honorary Awardees

Honorary Degree Awardees of the University

1927         Rev. Eugene I. McGuinnes Doctor of Canon Law and Doctor of Sacred Theology
1928         Rev. Cornelius Brenan Doctor of Philosophy and Literature
1929         Hon. Sergio Osmeña, Sr. Doctor of Laws
1934         Hon. Frank Murphy Doctor of Laws
1936         H.E. Manuel L. Quezon Doctor of Laws
1937         Most Rev. Fr. Martin S. Gillet, O.P. Doctor of Philosophy and Literature
1938         Don Federico Garcia Sanchez Doctor en Letras
                Doña Aurora A. Quezon Doctor of Pedagogy
                Don Andres Soriano Doctor of Commerce
                Don Mariano V. de los Santos Doctor in Bonis Litteris
1945         Gen. Douglas McArthur Doctor of Laws
                Hon. Kan Nnai-Kuang Doctor of Political Science
                H.E. Manuel Roxas Doctor of Laws
                Most Rev. Manuel Suarez, O.P. Doctor of Laws
                Fr. Paul Skeehan, O.P. Doctor of Laws
                Excmo. Sr. Alberto Martin Artajo Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Thomas Norman Cardinal Gilroy Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Gregory Peter Cardinal Agagianian Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Ngo Dinh Diem Doctor of Laws
1960        H.E. Rufino J. Cardinal Santos  Doctor of Laws
1962        Dr. Severo Ochoa  Doctor of Medical Sciences
                Hon. Fernando Maria Castiella y Maiz  Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Ildebrando Cardinal Antoniutti Doctor of Theology
                Dr. Ignacio Chavez  Doctor of Medical Sciences
                Dr. Luiggi Gedda Doctor of Medical Sciences
                Hon. Roberto Concepcion, Sr.  Doctor of Laws
                Hon. Cesar Bengson  Doctor of Laws
                Hon. Francisco Ruiz Jarabo Baquero  Doctor of Laws
                Hon. Manuel Lora Tamayo  Doctor of Laws
1968         Rev. Fr. Horacio dela Costa, S.J.  Doctor of Philosophy
1969         Hon. Carlos P. Romulo  Doctor of Laws
                H.R.H. Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon  Doctor of Laws
                Dr. Cristóbal Martinez Bordiu  Doctor of Medical Sciences
                Dr. Rolf Moroni  Doctor of Engineering
1975         Duke of Gloucester                Richard Alexander Walter George Doctor of Fine Arts
                Prof. Victorio Edades  Doctor of Fine Arts
                H.E. Jaime L. Cardinal Sin  Doctor of Theology
                Dr. Cuno Winkler  Doctor of Natural Sciences
                H.E. Joseph Cardinal Hoffner  Doctor of Humanities
                Dr. Angeles Galino Carillo  Doctor of Education
                Dr. Eduardo Jimenez de Arechaga  Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Sebastiano Cardinal Baggio  Doctor of Canon Law
1979         Msgr. Wilhelm Wissing  Doctor of Humanities
1980         Don Andres Soriano, Jr.  Doctor of Business Management
                H.E. Most Rev. Bruno Torpigliani, D.D.  Doctor of Theology
                Hon. Ruben Ancheta  Doctor of Laws
                Prof. Julio Esteban Anguita  Doctor of Music
                Dr. Pieter de Somer  Doctor of Medical Sciences
                Dr. Andrew G. Van Melsen  Doctor of Sciences
                Sir Knight Virgil C. Dechant  Doctor of Humanities
                Dr. Washington SyCip  Doctor of Accounting Education
1985        H.E. Ricardo Cardinal Vidal Doctor of Theology
                Dr. Norberto V. de Ramos  Doctor of Humanities
                Dr. Hubert G.H. Wong  Doctor of Management
1987        Pres. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino Doctor of Laws
                Dr. Mah Sool-Lay  Doctor of Humanities
                Archbishop Jose Sanchez  Doctor of Sacred Theology
                H.E. Josef Cardinal Glemp, D.D.  Doctor of Sacred Theology
                Senator Hsui Sheng Fa  Doctor of Business Administration
                Chief Justice Andres Narvasa  Doctor of Laws
1993         Archt. Leandro Locsin Doctor of Humanities
1994         H.E. Eduardo Cardinal Pironio Doctor of Sacred Theology
                Dr. Young Seek Choue  Doctor of Medicine
                H.E. Eduardo Frei  Doctor of Political Science
1996        Dr. Emilio T. Yap Doctor of Laws
1997        Dr. Chiara Lubich Doctor of Theology
                H.E. Metropolitan Damaskinos 
                Papandreou of Switzerland  Doctor of Sacred Theology
1999        Madam Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana  Doctor of Humanities
2001        H.E. Francis Cardinal Arinze Doctor of Humanities
                Hon. Justice Jose Feria, Sr.  Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo  Doctor of Theology
                H.E. Dr. Koichiro Matsuura  Doctor of Laws
                H.E. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lebedev  Doctor of Laws
2009       H.E. Paul Josef Cardinal Cordes Doctor of Sacred Theology
                Dr. George S.K. Ty Doctor of Humanities
                Dr. Mariano Que Doctor of Humanities
                Dr. Justo A. Ortiz Doctor of Humanities