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AMBAG 2021

The present administrators, faculty members, and members of the support staff will be sharing in the Third University-Wide Retreat, Ambag 2021: Simbahan, Tahanan, Bayan, at the Quadricentennial Pavilion. We once again offer ourselves and our time in another unique spiritual experience on 26-28 November 2014.

To facilitate the logistical preparations and for future data generations, registration will be done online. Just log-on to anytime on 12-19 November 2014 only. This site will likewise provide further information about the retreat. Please submit a printed copy of the accomplished registration form...


UST ‘Baybayin’ documents declared as National Treasure

The UST baybayin documents cover two legal real estate transactions in 1613 (labelled as Document A dated February 15, 1613) and 1625 (labelled as Document B dated December 4, 1625) which are the "longest and most complete documents completely handwritten in baybayin". The two documents are part of a book compilation of baybayin documents dubbed as the "biggest collection of extant ancient baybayin scripts in the world". They are also the oldest known deeds of sale for land in the Philippines during the Spanish colonization.

The 1613 documents established Don Andres...


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